The working principle of electromagnetic valve

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Electromagnetic valve electromagnet push valve core is used to control the compressed air direction, to switch direction control actuators, it has the advantage of simple operation, easy to implement remote control. According to the different electromagnetic directional valve can achieve two three links, two five-way, manipulation of the solenoid valve with electromagnet is divided into two kinds of ac or dc. 1, the voltage is 220 v commonly ac electromagnet. Its characteristic is starting force is bigger, the reversing time is short, and cheap. But when binding or suction valve core and make the iron core is not enough, the electromagnet is easy to burn out due to too much electricity, so the work reliability is poorer, action from time to tome, low service life. 2, 24 v voltage direct current (dc) magnet is commonly. Its advantage is reliable, will not burn out by valve core is stuck, long life, small volume, but starting force is relatively small ac electromagnet, and in the absence of dc power supply, rectifier equipment. Electromagnetic directional valve in order to improve the working reliability and life expectancy, in recent years, both at home and abroad are increasingly widely used wet electromagnet, do not need to seal between the electromagnet and the slide valve rod, eliminate the O ring of friction, the electromagnetic coil with engineering plastic cementing directly outside, no other metal shell, such not only ensure the insulation, and good for heat dissipation, so reliable work, impact is small, long service life.
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