The water temperature anomalies? May be the excavator parts at work!

by:HMB     2021-01-18

when it comes to thermostat, presumably everyone not unfamiliar, in short, excavator parts thermostat is to ensure that your excavator engine temperature normal, essential components. Drivers of high water temperature in summer is a common phenomenon, many dig friends will choose to pull down the thermostat, to achieve the purpose of cooling. But it really can treat the underlying problem?

thermostat location

excavator parts water pump, close to the fan. Demolition of thermostat, it can solve the problem of high water temperature?

pulled down the thermostat and go straight on large cycle engine cooling system, don't walk minor cycle, in the short term can tear down, take off for a long time can affect the engine operation. Because after the tear down the engine at operating temperature time prolongs, fuel consumption will increase, even to accelerate excavator parts wear and tear.

thermostat function

thermostat of excavator parts in the engine cooling system plays an important role, it will be according to the amount of water in cooling water temperature automatic adjustment into the radiator, change the water cycle, in order to adjust the cooling capacity of the cooler, ensure the engine work in the appropriate temperature range.

check whether thermostat opens two methods:

method one: open the tank cover, start the engine, check whether the cooling liquid in the tank is flowing, such as flow, is a normal cycle, such as flow, thermostat not open.

method 2: will excavator parts thermostat heating in the water. The temperature at which the section measuring probe is just open the valve. The temperature of the water temperature rise to fully open thermostat, measuring lifting capacity, determine the thermostat is working correctly.

different tonnage drivers open valve

if detected thermostat open is bad, need to be replaced in a timely manner.

1。 Remove the excavator parts EGR cooler, loosen bolts and remove thermostat box, taken from the cooling pump tank above o-rings.

2。 Installation method:

section using scraper will warm box, and clear out dirt on the surface of the cylinder head contact.

apply sealant after 20 minutes, the new type O ring groove at the top of cooling pump installation.

will wear the excavator attachments thermostat installation bolt for the warm box, and then install the thermostat, in turn, tighten the cylinder head bolts 1, and the installation of the cooling pump bolt 2.

small make up summary

small make up to say, excavator parts thermostat are small, but should not be neglected, excavator high temperature is often caused by the small parts, so you must pay attention to the old driver.

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