The use of the excavator hammer principle

by:HMB     2021-02-08
Using the principle of broken hammer is to choose according to actual working condition suitable hammer and drill rod. The selection of drill rod and broken hammer are equally important, because the drill rod is directly contact with for crushing materials and direct force, inappropriate drill rod has a great influence on the crushing effect and efficiency. Common mode of two broken, through crushing and impact crushing. Through the broken is the most commonly used, must penetrate usually mean drill rod materials. Through broken is commonly used in concrete demolition, soft rock, frozen or hard ground excavation, groove, etc. Through crushing, through a combination of materials by impact energy and drill rod breaking, resulting in a wedging effect, makes the material move forward in the drill rod separation, especially suitable for all kinds of sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Should be used through the broken or chisel type drill rod type drill rod of the cutting tools. Impact crushing is often used in the broken stone, such as granite, diorite, quartzite, and various kinds of homogeneous toughness metamorphic rock, also used in heavy thickening the crushing of concrete. At this point, rely mainly on stress wave to destroy material. Usually, drill rod will not penetrate materials, so should choose blunt type drill rod. To determine what kind of method, applicable to penetrate or shock. If use impact crushing is determined, then the wear properties of materials are the key factors. In addition to blunt type drill rod, also can choose super blunt and hard rock drilling. Super blunt with excellent anti-wear properties, service life is long, and hard rock drilling has optimized geometric design, which can realize high productivity, at the same time to ensure the service life. If determined using penetration broken, had better choose a special design of the drill rod, such as soft rock chisel, in order to realize the rapid penetration, reduce air caused by the material soft play at the same time.
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