The us plans to launch trillions of benefit from infrastructure reconstruction engineering machinery exports

by:HMB     2021-01-12

【 Excavator parts 】

according to the news media, the White House is set to launch in January a long overdue infrastructure reconstruction program, the President of the United States trump's advisers believe that voters want the government to come up with a $1 trillion of the road and bridge construction projects. News that trump's advisers are last modification to the plan, according to the plan, the federal government will spend at least $200 billion budget, and the corresponding leverage local governments and the private sector investors invest hundreds of billions of dollars.

always trump views stressed that the government should increase the deficit, big gay infrastructure construction. Strengthening the infrastructure investment, will drive the demand of the construction machinery and other related equipment. Domestic export industry listed companies in the United States will directly benefit. At the same time, the Asian development bank released report predicts against Asian infrastructure needs, from 2016 to 2030, the region's infrastructure needs total more than $26 trillion, converted to an annual number more than 1. 7 trillion dollars. Large-scale infrastructure in China and the United States and the rise of emerging countries such as India, southeast Asia infrastructure, also fit our country & other One Belt And One Road & throughout; Strategy.

in the listed company:

hill pushed shares ( , diagnosis) : bulldozer remains at about 60% market share. Company full hydraulic bulldozer in 2015 began to export the United States, sales soared over the last two years.

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