The third African international construction machinery exhibition held in South Africa - Dig excavator accessories manufacturers

by:HMB     2021-01-20

excavator accessories manufacturers reported: the third & other; Throughout Africa bauma &; 13, the largest city of Johannesburg in South Africa. The Africa's most large-scale construction machinery and vehicle equipment expo attracted from Austria, China, Germany, India, Poland, the United States, Singapore and other countries of the exhibitors, to reveal its engineering, building materials, mining machinery and engineering vehicles and other new products and new technology.

excavator attachments small make up that & other BMW exhibition & throughout; Is Europe's decades-old construction machinery exhibition & other; Bauma” Transliteration, hosted by the German Munich international expo group, is the world's construction machinery industry's most influential exhibition. “ Throughout Africa bauma &; The exhibition in the African market is an extension of the first & other Throughout Africa bauma &; In 2013, held in South Africa.

exhibition, chief executive of Elaine & middot; Crewe said, in sub-saharan Africa, construction and mining machinery equipment market has huge potential. This year to attend & other; Throughout Africa bauma &; The number of companies also shows that the region's economic outlook.

join this & other; Throughout Africa bauma &; The number of Chinese companies is numerous, excavator attachments China famous engineering machinery equipment manufacturers, xugong group with the latest technological achievements and a strong lineup at the exhibition, including auto crane, crawler type hydraulic excavator, loader and overhead working truck and other exhibits, become the focus of the exhibition.

xugong group import and export co. , LTD. , Africa ShenYu area general manager said at the scene, xugong is committed to become the international first-class engineering machinery manufacturing enterprises and the construction of the complete sets of equipment solutions provider, for Africa's infrastructure construction and mining enterprise. This paper released by excavator attachments finishing.

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