The technique of oil spill quickly check excavator rotary rotary table

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Excavator slewing bearing due to the particularity of its structure and the diversity of site condition, prone to the slewing bearing, slewing ring gear due to oil spill or rotary motor damage failure, therefore should leak prevention and timely treatment. Komatsu excavators komatsu excavator normally, oil seal appeared in a work situation of a small amount of oil leakage is normal. So-called normal, it is to point to by slewing bearing seal leakage of oil quantity and filling grease quantity is roughly equal to the slewing bearing. However, when there is a large amount of oil leakage on the excavator anomalies, have to check it. Due to the particularity of rotary parts lubrication structure, need to analyze whether there is a leak, and identify the problem, can eventually solve the problem. Specific inspection steps and methods as follows: 1. Proper maintenance of slewing bearing cavity filling grease cycle should be between 150 ~ 250 h 2, rotary motor of the hydraulic oil or gear oil is up to the rotary gear ring cavity leakage, if that happens after open slewing ring gear lubricants resin inspection cover, will find that the lubrication grease has been thinned. This is thinning is mixed with the hydraulic oil or the characteristics of the gear oil. 3, selection of equipment of the original filling grease is correct by the original equipment filling grease may not be correct, there will be a slewing bearing or the slewing ring gear temperature slightly higher oil becomes loose. Out if the oil in the rotary motor driving gear meshing process on the inner ring gear on cross section, through oil seal in place into the bearing chamber, the last oil drip drip out from the oil seal. Carter excavators 4, external oil seal is lack of check carefully along the rotary oil seal, judgment is local, section of the leak or evenly around the leak. Check the entire rotary oil seal is there missing phenomenon. 5, whether fixed outside the oil seal oil seal should with the seal groove is relatively fixed frame. The key to check is: must be observed when excavator for rotary motion. If the device when the rotary oil seal in rotation at the same time, also shows the existing oil seal is loose in the seal groove, oil seal must be replaced. Using this method has a certain risk, so should pay attention to safety, but this is to check rotary oil seal is one of the important methods of sealing function does. 6, inside the oil seal for obvious damage to open slewing ring gear lubrication oil inspection cover, check whether the ring gear oil cavity is a grease much less, if there is oil seal fracture fragments. If a substantial reduction in oil, it shows that oil has been missed. 7, determining leakage is bearing grease or rotary gear ring cavity oil add different colors of grease into the bearing chamber, after a period of time ( Such as 150 h) After use, such as oil bearing cavity has been largely replaced after filling grease, according to surrounding the leaking oil color determine slewing ring gear oil or grease of the bearing chamber. This is from the external preliminary judge whether inner seal failure of one of the methods. 8, observe whether rotary equipment is not normal if the equipment in the rotary motion, the phenomenon of the sound or not stable, may be bearing clearance is too large and uneven, resulting in the bearing oil from the oil seal in the rotation process. Volvo excavators all 9, check oil seal the above check has been completed and eliminate problems, problems can be concentrated within the bearing oil seal. Remove part of rotary surrounding bolt and walking part of the tubing will be removed, a portion of the frame with a crane to lift. Because this method needs to use the crane, the whole process and workload is big also, so this is the last step of the check and solve the problem. So proposal in the foregoing all steps have been completed, and rule out the possibility of other again after using this method.
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