The supercharger problems of return pipe is what circumstance

by:HMB     2021-01-30
A small turbocharger in principle is not allowed to disassemble. The supercharger rotor shaft jammed reasons: ( 1) Oil pressure is low. ( 2) Supercharger inlet pipe joint is loose, the oil, which leads to the rotor shaft and bushing is short of oil. Should tighten or replace a screw joint. ( 3) The oil is not clean block thrust sheet and floating bearing oil hole. Should change oil, clean or replace the oil filter. ( 4) The engine cold start acceleration doesn't lead to the oil floating bearing lubrication. Should the idle speed after a few minutes. ( 5) Engine often emergency starting and downtime. In the process of starting and stopping, all should idle running a few minutes, then gradually increase or decrease the load. Oil leakage, 1) Rotor shaft and floating bearing clearance is too large, and even leaves and shell phase, should replace the supercharger. ( 2) Turbocharger oil return pipe plugging, should clean up the supercharger return pipe, when it is necessary to replace rubber casing. ( 3) Engine respirator congestion, the turbocharger oil return. Air filter or replace. ( 4) Turbocharger compressor tracheal leak out. Replace the hose or tighten. ( 5) Air filter clogging. Clean up. ( 6) The supercharger models. Replacement. ( 7) Blade fracture, broken shaft. Replace the supercharger. 3. Supercharger abnormal voice, engine power decline. ( 1) Turbocharger turbine or damage of impeller, and shell phase. Replace the supercharger. ( 2) The turbocharger and the engine joint leakage. Replace the hose or tighten. ( 3) Bleed valve damage. To adjust or change. ( 4) Bleed valve hose is damaged. Replacement. ( 5) Air filter, bad impeller wear. Replace the air filter. ( 6) The supercharger into foreign body. Replace the supercharger
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