The supercharger damage reason have?

by:HMB     2021-01-31
Bad lubrication is the main cause of caterpillar supercharger damage of ring. Bad lubrication in insufficient lubrication part no lubricating oil, lubricating oil, lubricating oil pipeline leakage and oil deterioration. The first three kind of phenomenon is mainly caused by the improper operation directly: adds load such as the engine is started and the lubricating oil pressure and temperature can't meet the requirements of the operation of the supercharger, a serious shortage of lubricating oil, can cause fatal damage to the turbocharger; If carter excavators suddenly stop at run time, this time the pump stop working, but the supercharger is still in the condition of high oil work, so the savings in the supercharger as not heat, its bearing may wear due to overheating or killed; If the engine is idle for a long time running, exhaust pressure and compressor of the air pressure is low, Below the supercharger lubricating oil pressure) , coupled with the supercharger when idle running speed is low, causing the supercharger every motion pair to form the oil film, resulting in the turbine and compressor end oil; If not in front of the turbine rotor shaft rotation to its oil was put into operation, will cause the turbine rotor since the installation is poor lubrication oil. Lubrication metamorphism refers to within the oil sump oil metamorphism or high temperature gas because of the untight seal, entered the floating bearing, cause local oil metamorphism, so that the poor lubrication supercharger. Impurities into the aggravated the damage of the supercharger. Impurities in different path after entering the supercharger friction pair, will accelerate floating bearing wear, spilling the supercharger. Impurity source has the following way: when install the supercharger water can replace oil and primary oil, oil filter, the impurities in the oil is not cleared in time; After air filter, air filtration effect is poor, the impurities were brought into; From the turbine exhaust pipe of the impurities such as carbon deposit, infiltration; Impurity along the lubricating oil in the oil road into; Air intake system leak, dust and mud suction compressor casing, and caused the blade wear. Turbocharger at work under the high temperature, high speed, the turbine and compressor blade poor working conditions, easy to produce fatigue damage.
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