The structure and working principle of the turbocharger

by:HMB     2021-01-29
The turbocharger is one of the important parts of the engine. Its role is to improve the engine power. Damage after intake inadequate, combustion chamber pressure is low, incomplete combustion of diesel, cause the loss of the engine crankshaft speed, the output power. The strength of the crankshaft to the flywheel, the flywheel and the torque converter wheel connection of elastic plate, cover, cover wheel tooth connection and pump wheels, points again. Points to move gear controls the steering pump drive shaft and hydraulic pump, variable speed pump drive shaft, so the supercharger damage will affect the whole machine. Its structure is very simple, but very sophisticated design. Engine exhaust emissions within the two holes into the green circle, promote yellow circle turn turbine blades, and drive the other head of purple circle high speed rotating compressor blade, they share a shaft, pressurization machine begin to work. High-speed rotating compressor to the filter after the air pressure into the air inlet pipe, the inlet valve opens, the volume of the combustion chamber, fuel injector atomized diesel burn more completely, thus improve the engine's power. Blue circle is into the oil hole, black circle is back to the oil hole. Compressor casing, pull down the retaining bolt wrench 10, with a small hammer to knock. After knocking on can see compressor impeller and orange type O sealing ring. Turbine shell fixed bolts 13 wrench, due to the high temperature exhaust gas to make it hot, cooling after rust, easy to bite dead. Turbocharger turbine blade high-speed rotation, need inside the engine oil lubrication bearing, prolong service life. Oil from the engine pressure pipe into the hole, the inside of the lubrication floating bearing and shaft from below the hole back to the oil pan, after installing a new supercharger, oil hole must be filled with oil. Turbine blades and the compressor blades Shared a shaft, another head to hold down. A head of 19 wrench, another 11 ring spanner head, remember that it is the tooth bolts. After the broken shaft, can remove the compressor blades. Cover plate is hex bolt. After knocking on cover plate, there is a type O ring and a bearing, the bearing has a sealing ring. The shaft of the turbine blade has a sealing ring on the head. High-speed rotation of the supercharger, turbine blades, the back of the compressor has a certain pressure, and the role of these two sealing ring is sealed pressure and the oil, don't let the pressure into the intermediates. Intermediate of rotor shaft floating bearing parts, the design is simple and precise, inside is full of oil passage hole.
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