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by:HMB     2021-01-16

according to excavator accessories manufacturer understands, morning of April 13, 2019, the 8th international symposium on reliability of internal combustion engine technology was held in Beijing. Thousands of experts, scholars and industry representatives gathered in here, to discuss the internal combustion engine reliability basic theory and key technology research and promotion of internal combustion engine industry chain and innovation, promote internal combustion engine reliability technology in our country, help the development of Chinese manufacturing quality.

the 8th international symposium on reliability of internal combustion engine technology was held in Beijing

in the meeting, the internal combustion engine reliability Tan Xuguang, director of the national laboratory, the six phase, new energy effects on diesel engine performance, as well as our country independent research and development engine products with international advanced enterprise level gap and other issues, such as to make the corresponding answer.

internal combustion engine reliability, director of the national laboratory Tan Xuguang

view: reliability decides the product quality and product core competitiveness

Tan Xuguang said internal combustion engine is the core in the field of industrial power source, a long time in the future will still play an irreplaceable role. Reliability is one of the important index to measure the quality of internal combustion engine, determines the product quality and core competitiveness. At present, in China by the high speed economic growth to the transformation of development and manufacturing high quality towards important in the process of internal combustion engine reliability and key generic technology breakthrough research and industry has become the focus of attention.

view: six stages of the discharge standard of domestic engine enterprise is time & other; Big test & throughout;

Tan Xuguang said: China internal combustion engine enterprise also has the very big disparity with the European and American countries, the domestic consumer rights consciousness is not strong, six phases, especially in countries with emissions warranty period and useful life period of requirements, and strengthened the OBD regulation, this is a qualitative leap for reliability requirements. Especially for high speed greater demands of the logistics, main logistics car, this is a milestone of the change. Internal combustion engine in our country enterprises, especially heavy commercial vehicle powertrain production enterprises, to borrow emissions upgrade opportunities, create high quality, high level of powertrain, participate in global competition.

view: the new energy will become an important part of the future energy structure, the diesel engine is still cannot replace

Tan Xuguang said: new energy challenges the traditional energy is nearly period of time is a hot topic. Sometime it predicts the future of traditional energy will quit, I don't agree with. I think, the new energy will become an important part of the future energy structure,. In the 30 - can be expected Within 50 years, diesel engine is irreplaceable. For the Chinese market, new energy and diesel opportunity coexist development period. Expected in the city will have a fairly long hybrid transition. Heavy truck could not completely be replaced by new energy, but the conditional area can promote the fuel cell engine, it is a very good option. For our country, the structural adjustment can reduce the imports of crude oil, it is absolutely necessary.

view: & other; All three theory throughout the &; Controls weichai products of high quality

Tan Xuguang said: last year, weichai, with a manufacturing organization won award in China. Weichai WOS quality management mode has a great deal of innovation, we call it & other All three theory throughout the &; :“ Comprehensive planning, full quality control, quality throughout the entire collaborative quality &; Project quality management model. Weichai's quality is not the quality of the narrow sense, but the whole process of quality control, from product quality planning and sales of the product manufacturing process, including planning, design, manufacture, sales and service the whole process of quality control.

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