The selection of the hydraulic oil filter

by:HMB     2021-02-07
Hydraulic system of hydraulic pump is the engine output mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, and through the main control valve is assigned to each executive element to realize excavator action. It is a closed system, so usually check the hydraulic oil level or maintenance line, all need to keep the system in the pressure without contact with the outside world. Check the hydraulic oil level at ordinary times, just need to equipment according to the regulations of the factory posture parked in the flat ground, observe the hydraulic tank on the side of the scale. Generally there are two cover board at the top of the hydraulic oil tank, one of the above with the cap or the respirator, when the hydraulic system failure, need to release the pressure, you need to open the cap or push button above the respirator. Open the cap to release pressure, must will cover the cap, in order to avoid the hydraulic oil spill. Under the tank cover is equipped with hydraulic oil filter, the filter for the paper fold, most manufacturers provide replacement cycle for 1000 hours. If the hydraulic oil is not change color, also without leaking after filling, can change every 1500-2000 hours. Identify the pros and cons of liquid filter filter paper can be observed, and the bonding between filter paper and iron block up and down part, good filter is used, the glue and glue to hard, not easy to fall off. Filter paper inside and iron net uniform pore size, hardness, compressive deformation. Some filter in rail network is equipped with spiral rubber adhesion between filter paper, because I once had a user to use inferior oil return filter, filter paper was break, cause the clogging in main pump plunger sliding boots holes, sliding boots and valve plate of excessive wear, activity suppress car engine and cannot work. Another cover the following structure is simple, the lower is installed in the hydraulic tank tubing outlet oil suction filter, generally for the copper mesh, the mesh can be clean, once the mesh of copper wire break above, should be replaced immediately, to prevent the copper wire of the break fall into the hydraulic system, pump or the main valve, delay or damage.
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