The safety of the excavator maintenance

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Excavator daily maintenance maintenance of matters need to pay attention to safety, to avoid injuries caused by improper maintenance, equipment damage. 1, understand the inspection and maintenance methods: wrong maintenance will not only damage the machine, and in the maintenance process will lead to accidents, such as being clamped, scald, etc. Please read instruction manual before inspection, maintenance, at the same time fully understand maintenance methods ( The tools needed for safe operations, with qualifications, important parts, determine the work instruction, wear protective supplies, etc. ) Careful, pay attention to safety, inspection and maintenance. 2, workplaces, sorting, reorganization, cleaning, inspection, maintenance, desultorily, if the site is likely to lead to tipping machine, or operating personnel were injured. Please destroy the site environment of sundry, remove the butter, oil, paint and debris, sorting, reorganization, cleaning, so that the safe operation. 3, inspection, maintenance, warning sign: when inspection, maintenance, if someone start the engine or mobile operating lever, may cause serious damage, so want to be in control rod put up 'no operation' the sign. If you need, also want to place warning signs around the machine. 4, using the appropriate tools: required for safekeeping and maintenance tools, don't use tool to do other USES, and maintain or repair the machine should use the right tools, if there are any items fall into the machine internal, will cause the machine damage or producing misoperation. Open inspection Windows or tank filler for inspection, please place the parts or tools away from the exposure area, to avoid falling into the unnecessary damage inside the equipment 5, pay attention to the high temperature parts: to prevent hot water or steam injection and cause burns, when check or discharge of cooling water, after the stop device cooling to touch can be used with the radiator cover, slowly unscrew the screw cap, need the internal pressure in the radiator to release later will screw cap screw, in order to prevent the high temperature oil injection or contact with high temperature parts caused by burn, in the inspection, the discharge of oil, after the stop device has been cool to the touch can be used with screw cap and plug, slowly unscrew the screw cap and plug, for internal pressure release to unscrew the 6 later, pay attention to the high pressure oil: always there inside pressure of the hydraulic circuit. Before the internal pressure is zero, please do not to come on, discharge of oil, or check the maintenance operations. Even from the holes in the leakage of high pressure oil, contact with skin or eyes also quite dangerous. Please wear goggles and gloves, the leakage place mat thickness of paper or board class items for inspection. As a result of contact with high pressure oil such causes the high pressure oil into the body, please immediately go to hospital for treatment. 7, pay attention to the rotating parts: if the fan blade and belt rotating parts involved, will lead to major accidents. Should wait for rotating part of the rear can come to a complete stop maintenance operations. Necessity under the engine running state maintenance, please be sure to follow the operations described in the following: there must be a person sitting in the seat, make sure that as long as the outage information are communicated over others, immediately shut down the engine. 8, pay attention to ventilation, such as indoors or poor ventilation places for maintenance operation, easy to cause gas poisoning. Especially the engine exhaust gas, fuel, clean oil, spreading material, coating, easy to accumulate in enclosed space to a certain concentration of harmful, so be adequately ventilated. Maintenance or runtime indoors, will exhaust pipe extends to the outdoors, and opened the door and window makes the air circulation; Or please set fan according to need.
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