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by:HMB     2021-01-14

on February 22, 2018, general office of the ministry released & other; About for the non road mobile machine with diesel engine emission control technology and its requirements ( Draft) 'Throughout the opinion letter &; , excavator parts enterprises are concerned about the related standard, in order to solicit opinions from and summary industry, in the March 20, 2018 in association as well at the new office building road mobile machinery four phase emissions standards for meetings, organization for the engine and the host companies both at home and abroad to discuss emissions issues.

excavator parts to attend this meeting with Chinese engineering machinery industry association executive vice President and secretary general Su Zimeng, the environmental protection department of motor vehicle emission monitoring center NiHong office director of the key projects. From zoomlion, liugong, trinity, the heavy industry, xugong, VDMA, weichai, yuchai, cummins, caterpillar, sumitomo construction machine, komatsu, thunder, heavy industry, doosan, Hitachi, John Deere, Keith, Volvo, long yasuda built machine, Qingdao ray walter, kohler, a total of 21 units more than 40 people attended the conference. Association deputy secretary-general jin-xing wang, standards and regulations department Song Jinyun was held responsible for organizing the meeting.

excavator attachments small make up said from December 2017 to this association has held a meeting three times in view of the four stages of discharge, caused great repercussions in the industry and reflects the engineering machinery enterprise and the importance to the promotion of environmental protection consciousness.

Sue, secretary general of the ministry to guide NiHong director at the meeting said thank you, for your coming association representing several new welcome to attend the meeting. Shandong excavator attachments, says association is in line with the responsible for the industry's point of view, hope that through organising this seminar timely and fully to enterprise's study all the Suggestions and comments, in the industry consensus for emissions problem, finally association will form an opinion on behalf of the industry report to the relevant state departments.

NiHong director of the office of the key projects of environmental pollution control center, in his speech, this paper introduces the state environmental protection level of the overall situation and development trend in the future some of the ideas, and said that in view of the present research is focused on the related standard system standards process, hope that through today's meeting to fully understand the industry emission reduction work some of the ideas, make more standards in the future direction of the industry and enterprise development goals.

excavator accessories manufacturers on behalf of the unit in the way mobile machine with diesel engine emission control technology and its requirements ( Draft) Came out after the busy to carry out their own research work, and the opinion of the standard draft focused feedback to the society. In the interaction of this meeting link, the attending enterprises on behalf of the active, communicative, one by one, from the perspective of the different levels of the standard version and include implementation time, responsibility tracing, quality assurance period, PEMS demands, control condition, positioning, etc put forward opinions and Suggestions on the level of technology and policy.

through the convening of the meeting, host and construction machinery excavator parts enterprises according to emissions will each of four phase current concerns, facing difficulties, I hope to communicate to the idea of sharing, reached a consensus. Association of the follow-up will focus on four stage discharge standards to form a formal appeal for construction machinery industry enterprises file, at the same time the enterprise feedback on draft submitted to the environmental protection department as attachments, it effectively promote the construction machinery industry emission standard comprehensive upgrade and sustainable development in the future.

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