The removal of the sewage tank common in excavator maintenance method _CTP caterpillar drivers accessories

by:HMB     2021-01-22
Drivers in the maintenance tank contamination removal method has the following three kinds of commonly used: ( 1) Purging method. The retained part of the diesel in the tank, then 19. 6 ~ 29. 4 kpa compressed air with a plastic tube into the bottom of the tank, make diesel churning and cleaning, and changing the position and direction of the bottom of the trachea to make the whole tank cleaning. Purge out immediately after the diesel tank, carter drivers repair suspending impurities in the oil with diesel oil flow out. Such as the flow of diesel is dirty, use method to clean again, until the release of oil contains no impurities. ( 2) Steam method. Put diesel, remove the fuel tank, and then to diesel filling most of the cases of water contents, use steam conduit from filler into the water, boil the water of the diesel in the 1 h or so. So stick in the wall in the cabinet of colloid and residual diesel oil molecules can dissolve in the water. Light quality of dirt was floating on the surface of the water and washed away. This two consecutive times, diesel fuel tank can be rinsed clean. ( 3) The solvent method. Cleaning carter drivers with hot water tank, then use compressed air to blow dry, to clear its internal diesel vapor, and then put diesel oil tank in aqueous solution containing 10% sodium hydroxide in baptism. After baptism with water flushing tank internal and external. If discover to there is corrosion, external use wire brush to brush clean. Carter drivers and maintenance of cooling system of contamination removal: the injection of 15% sodium hydroxide solution system, 8 ~ 12 h after operation, the diesel engine for temperature up to 80 ~ 90 & deg; C when parking, immediately release lotion, in case you are suspended in the solution scale deposits blocking waterways, and then clean with clear water system, until clean. If carter drivers cylinder cover for the aluminum alloy structure, according to 50 g sodium silicate, liquid soap, 20 g, add water mixture clear liquid, the ratio of 10 kg carter drivers maintenance repair to join in the cooling system, operation under carter drivers working temperature for 1 h, then emits the lotion, wash again can.
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