The reason of blue smoke coming excavator

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Excavator emit blue stretching because more oil mixed with diesel oil, this is the defining feature of burning oil. But when the cold car ( Especially the low temperature in winter) A layer of oil, adhesive, inside the cylinder starts, the oil will be burned there will be a small amount of blue smoke, this is normal phenomenon. But the reasons of blue smoke coming sustainability are as follows: 1, check the oil level of oil pan. Because high-speed crankshaft can make oil splash into the cylinder wall, and into the combustion chamber. It is important to note that check the oil level is too high, not to stop work immediately after take out in engine oil 'view, because this moment splash into the crankcase wall lubricating oil is not flow back, must stop extract oil feet again after 10 minutes. 2, check the status of the cylinder liner, piston and piston ring. If wear serious, clearance is too large, resulting in oil is up to the outside combustion, accompanied by engine crankcase emission increased at the same time, should be timely replace worn piston. Piston ring out, the oil is up to the combustion chamber combustion in great quantities, appear blue smoke emissions, should remove the piston ring, remove carbon deposit, correct assembly each piston ring, replace the piston ring when necessary. Drivers for new drivers or just overhaul, not usually caused by excessive the clearance between the piston and cylinder lubricating oil is up. Is often a piston ring internal and external incision ( Or cut Angle) Pack instead of lubricating oil is up. Should pay attention to check. 3, usually replace the piston ring can improve the sealing of cylinder, so as to solve the problem of burning oil and underpowered. But if the engine crankshaft axial clearance is too large, due to the serious axial channeling damaged piston run verticality. Then aggravate the wear of piston ring and cylinder wall. Led in a short period of time, the cause of the gap between piston ring and cylinder is too big, burning oil and the problem of insufficient power also cannot be fundamentally solved. 4, the valve and duct clearance is too large, the oil is inhaled into the combustion chamber, combustion should replace worn valve and valve guide. For turbo engine, if appear to burn oil, smoke is blue, but the power of engine did not decline, and can be seen in the compressed air outlet or inlet hose clung there is oil pollution of oil, can judge the turbocharger oil leakage is basic. The oil with air into the combustion chamber combustion, at this time should be replaced the supercharger, still should check whether the oil is contaminated, replace if necessary. 5, check whether the air filter is blocked. In the process of the air filter clogging can make the cylinder inlet resistance increased, poor air intake, have certain negative pressure cylinder, will also lubricating oil suction chamber. Therefore, when the blue smoke coming in, also should check and clean the filter. 6, using the wrong oil type or replace the oil type is wrong, can also cause blue smoke phenomenon.
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