The rainy season, come and get excavator accessories maintenance skills!

by:HMB     2021-01-15
In July this year, the footstep of the summer in the rainy season, return again. Rain, river overflowing, flash floods and landslides and other disasters occur, and these places are often the excavator construction sites. Excavator submerged, stalled news, such as machine is damaged due to rain. How to protect and maintain the excavator in the rainy season has become top priority of the industry. Excavator accessories factory small had to say today, how to protect his beloved drivers in the rainy season. A, 1, check the rainy day construction must pay attention to the road conditions can't rainy days the road less likely to cause the ground water. In mines, construction sites, a lot of homework roads are after the heavy rain, mud accumulation, bumpy road, extremely slippery. In this case, the operator must be careful to check road conditions, to begin to work, to ensure safety first. 2, the construction site should pay attention to in the case of confirmed can work, still need to pay attention to the road surface and the surrounding environment of moment. Avoid excavator too close to the cliff, on the edge of the ditch, where soft ground, extremely easy because weight of excavator and vibrations cause the machine or tilting the fall. At the same time to avoid the machine work in the valley, and to prevent the mountain rain gathered flooded machine. If they are working at night, drivers before and after the headlight, working lamp, dome light, instrument lights, wiper equipment need regular check, ensure the normal work. 3, be careful if drivers parked condition, it is best to put the drivers parked in the garage, avoid excessive damp environment. If need long time place, should be regularly launch machine, make the battery to charge. Standing outside when do not park in the danger zone, such as landslide, landslide of the hillside, the water level to rise by the river. Rainy days paint should pay attention to maintenance: rain the acidic component surface corrosion of excavator, more rain in the season, it is best to give drivers a paint repair capacity in advance. Repeat the lubrication is needed to play again grease, prevent corrosion wear. Lubrication: machine after long time storage should wipe the grease of the piston rod, inject grease components. During the parking of the machine kept working device dry clean, prevent rust and make the machine operation block. Chassis: rainy days if not timely cleaning, excavator underside easy to accumulate some gap of sludge. Excavator chassis rusting, most easily loose wheel shell place may even perforation. Get rid of the soil, therefore, need to unilateral will chassis clean to prevent rust, check whether the screw is loose, if there is water to clear in time, avoid excavator attachments corrosion influence job performance. Engine: regularly check whether the engine wiring harness is loose or corroded and avoid shall be affected with damp be affected with damp. Air filter: a rainy day when the rain may enter the air filter, filter metamorphic damage will affect the air intake. Oil oil standard caliper: pay attention to check whether oil oil standard caliper sealing ring wear, whether the oil filling mouth sealed sealed, if seal bad, the rain may seep into the oil, oil/water mixture can lead to engine emit white smoke, affect the job performance. Some maintenance methods of excavator parts above is the rainy season, small make up remind you once again, the rainy season construction can make the excavator attachments rust, paint, cleaning machinery and equipment in time after use.

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