The principle and maintenance of the engine thermostat

by:HMB     2021-02-07
Generally speaking, springs, rubber hose, thermostat heat body, the thermostat valve, valve seat, push rod, upper and lower bearings, etc. Its function is based on the coolant temperature change and to automatically adjust the water flow into a radiator, at the same time will also change the water cycle, namely we often say 'circulation' and 'number'. So to adjust the heat capacity of the cooling system, thus ensure the engine work in the appropriate temperature range. Currently on the market sales of wax type thermostat and electronic thermostat, but most consumers use or wax type thermostat. Type thermostat is to use the paraffin wax in high and low temperature conditions will be the principle of deformation, in terms of simple is to use the principle of heat bilges cold shrink of paraffin. The engine cold start, the temperature of the coolant is low, when the temperature of the cooling fluid is lower than the specified value, temperature-sensing paraffin in the body is solid, the thermostat valve under the action of the spring in the closed state. Now return to engine cooling fluid through the pump, the cooling system for 'number'. When the temperature of the cooling fluid reach the specified value, paraffin wax melting, the volume of the paraffin wax will also increase. Volume increase of paraffin can pressure rubber hose, rubber hose will shrink, hose shrinkage at the same time will promote the center pole, while the push rod will be to a reverse thrust of the valve, so as to make the valve opens, enter '' circulation cooling system. The working principle of electronic thermostat and the working principle of wax type thermostat is largely the same. Section electronic thermostat is only electronic probe is built into the thermistor, when water temperature rises, the thermistor signals to the control unit, and then the control unit sends a signal to the execution unit, it is concluded that the calculated value of execution unit according to the sensor signal to the temperature control unit load voltage, turn on the heating resistance, and then according to the resistance temperature characteristic figure to heating of paraffin wax, paraffin expansion, to achieve '' circulation cooling system. Electronic thermostat is the advantage of accuracy is higher, the disadvantage is that the high cost, maintenance up more troublesome. It says the 'circulation' and 'tiny', here it is necessary to explain what is called '' circulation, what is' number '. '' circulation is the process of cooling fluid flows through the body and the radiator, and' tiny 'is in the engine, not through the radiator cooling process. See the cooling system of 'circulation' and 'tiny', then we will say is that the thermostat is the importance of the engine. We know that the engine is not working under the low temperature environment, the better, the low temperature will make fuel atomization effect, so as to make the fuel combustion is not full, at the same time also can cause the wear of engine, affect the service life of the engine. Under normal circumstances, the thermostat is installed on the upper outlet of the engine, the advantages of such installation is convenient for maintenance, on the one hand, on the other hand is replacing cooling fluid discharge air, avoid the air to the erosion of the pump. But thermostat installed at the outlet of the upper engine is also somewhat ills, the engine during the warm-up easy thermostat shocks occur, the engine temperature leads to more frequent fluctuations, make the engine fuel atomization and downs, thereby increasing the fuel consumption, the longer it will accelerate the engine wear and tear, causes the damage of engine performance in certain situations. Thermostat another installation is installed in the pump of water entry, there is a border of hot and cold water, is the place where the temperature is more sensitive, thermostat in this position the adjusting range is small, for water high controlling accuracy, but also will not lead to a considerable degree of the water temperature of the engine cylinder, to ensure that the engine can be stable operation. But the thermostat installed in the pump of water entry place also has shortcomings, that is changing the cooling fluid is not easy to discharge the air, and thus prone to air cause erosion to the pump. In particular is here, when installed in the pump water entry in the thermostat damage, must be timely replacement of the new thermostat, must not pull down the thermostat. If directly pull down the thermostat, could easily lead to engine overheating ( As the saying goes, 'boiled') we are It will cause the engine damage, even destroyed.
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