The principle and application of skeleton oil seal of the seal

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Skeleton oil seal is a typical representative of oil seal, general said oil seal is refers to the skeleton oil seal. Generally is the role of oil seal driving part need lubrication components and output components in isolation, not let lubricating oil leakage. Skeleton is like the inside of the concrete members reinforced, have the effect of strengthening, and makes the oil seal can keep shape and tension. According to the structural form can be divided into single lip skeleton oil seal and double lip skeleton oil seal. Lips skeleton oil seal deputy lip dustproof effect, to prevent external dust, impurities and so on into the machine inside. According to the skeleton skeleton oil seal type can be divided into the package, exposed skeleton oil seal and prefabricated oil seal. According to the working conditions can be divided into rotation skeleton oil seal and return type skeleton oil seal. Used for gasoline engine crankshaft, diesel engine crankshaft, transmission, differential, shock absorber, engine, axle parts, etc. Skeleton oil seal structure of three parts: the oil seal body, strengthen the skeleton and the spiral spring. At the bottom of the seal according to the different parts of the body is divided into skeleton oil seal, waist structure chart, blade and sealing lip, etc. Usually, in the free state of skeleton oil seal, the inner diameter smaller than the diameter of axle, which has a certain 'interference'. Therefore, after the oil seal in oil seal and shaft, oil seal edge pressure and self-tightening helical spring contraction force on the shaft of the radial force, after a period of time after the operation, the pressure will be reduced and even disappear quickly, thus, combined with spring can compensates for oil seal force at any time. Sealing principle: due to the exist between oil seal and the shaft seal edge control of oil film, the film with fluid lubrication properties. Under the action of skeleton oil seal, oil film rigidity just makes the oil film is exposed to air end to form a new moon face, prevent the leakage of working medium, so as to realize the sealing of the axis of rotation. Oil seal sealing ability, depend on the sealing surface of the oil film thickness, the thickness is too big, oil seal leakage; Thickness is too small, dry friction may occur and cause oil seal and shaft wear; No oil film between the sealing lip on the shaft, easy cause fever, wear and tear. At installation time, therefore, must put some oil on sealing ring, at the same time guarantee the skeleton oil seal and the vertical axis, if not vertical, oil seal sealing lip lubricating oil from the axis line to do, can also lead to excessive wear of the sealing lip. In operation, the casing of the lubricant leakage point, slightly on the sealing surface in order to achieve the most ideal forming oil film. Generally is the role of skeleton oil seal in the driving part need lubrication components and output component segregation, unapt let lubricating oil leakage, usually used in the axis of rotation, is a kind of rotation axis lip seal. Skeleton is like the inside of the concrete members reinforced, have the effect of strengthening, and makes the oil seal can keep shape and tension. According to the skeleton type can be divided into internal skeleton oil seal, and the skeleton oil seal, the exposed skeleton oil seal. Skeleton oil seal is made of high quality nitrile rubber and steel plate, stable quality, long service life. Is widely used in automobile, motorcycle crankshaft, camshaft, differential, shock absorber, engine, vehicle bridge, front and rear wheels etc.
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