The old driver teach you boring machine: the six techniques of leveling know how much?

by:HMB     2021-01-28
For just into the small white line of excavator industry, whether to apprentice the younger brother, boring machine, or go to school, the most basic action must be familiar with the operation skill. As a professional coach, JiaYou & other; Drivers professional coach & throughout; Often share basic operating essentials for novices, today to listen to six considerations about excavator leveling. 1. Mark as the reference point if you stand on the ground can see several points on the same level, you will make a mark, find them as a reference point at ordinary times. 2. Remember not greed far excavator leveling at ordinary times can't find greed far, your heart to see, old driver leveling general rarely reach far, because it's hard to do when stretched away in the arm to coordinate; So the beginners to find, at ordinary times as far as possible in the forearm vertical line back and forth, through a vertical line before one or two bucket far, received vertical line a bucket away. 3. Before use, left, right to find the reference standard to learn to use at ordinary times, left, right in front of reference standards, straight forward, with fifty centimeters is found on the plane, and find out in front of the plane, as the back of the reference template, use the fifty centimeters lift arm, forearm coherent to accept the soil behind the flat. Left and right lateral, also is in the first fight as template, to find the second bucket to show two tooth pressure first fights the leveling of the plane, watching the two bucket tooth height, slowly closed flat, after every bucket has two teeth marks is in the overlap. 4. To leveling shovel flat first excavator itself must be flat and uneven you are hard to leveling, find out a bucket on the surface about the rotary pendulum, big arms don't move, if drivers are flat, side is flat. 5. Find at ordinary times to see if there is any error in time to adjust error, is generally not high on the drivers to see is low, who is this phenomenon, so after you find one or two paragraph, look at the first, and find any error, see how much error, adjust again, some people view error adjust habits is very good, some not, so more down and have a look. 6. Rational utilization of the surrounding reference as standard but also a bit more useful, is to learn to use the reference around as a standard, no fixed reference point to yourself and find at ordinary times is too wide, also look at the terrain to determine start from high to low, but leveling are should look more, think more, and planned to do.
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