The necessity of excavator bearings production process adjustment

by:HMB     2021-01-12

now we often focus on a theme is the economic development and environmental protection issues, the two problems seem irreconcilable, but must be coordinated, some content of the constitution of our industry to make some changes, for excavator bearings, in response to energy conservation and emission reduction policy, it is necessary to do some adjust production process.

all in order to meet the specific requirements, the excavator bearings will increase or decrease parts, such as internal and external causes; Whether no inner periphery ( Internal and external host matching parts ( Axis or base) Instead of) ; Large cage; Or dust cover, and compact set to install, and so on.

with the development of technology. In order to save materials and space, in order to improve the precision, reduce cost, reduce design and production cycle, to meet the needs of the host, combine former excavator bearings and battery development. Excavator bearing unit is defined relative to the bearings, automobile wheel drum bearing units such as part of machine tool spindle bearing unit, ball bearing units, such as shaft bearing unit consists of a main shaft bearing, and some of the parts, and so on, need according to the machine type, size, installation, accuracy, stiffness and speed spindle bearing unit purchase.

excavator bearings technology development to the present levels, are close to mature, we need to do is, in the original technical breakthrough, need to do some further contributions to the development of the bearing industry.

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