The meaning of excavator parts using grease seal

by:HMB     2021-01-20

sealing grease, often referred to as oil seal, is a way of using grease seal excavator parts. Grease seal to close the space between the fixed and mobile machinery and equipment parts, prevent loss of lubricant. Prevent harmful pollutants from entering the excavator attachments is another important feature of grease seal.

lubricating oil and grease sealing material is available in many popular materials including excavator parts, carpet, leather, urethane, acrylic, poly acrylate, vinyl acrylic or acrylic, organic silicon, fluorine rubber, ptfe, ptfe. Use another material is particular application, such as material in different temperature and speed range. Grease seal has many classification. Such as a wide range of sizes, divided into two kinds, inch and metric interchange between most of the grease seal production. in sealing grease the key dimensions including hole diameter, outside diameter, Often referred to as the shell hole) And the width.

grease seals are generally the most expensive part of excavator accessories mechanical systems, but they are the most important, because they protect more expensive components, such as bearings and gears. For the majority of excavator parts bearing failure causes of the most common is the lack of lubrication or incorrect. Grease seal stay in the right quantity and harmful pollutants. Regular inspection and replacement grease seal is part of the maintenance plan.

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