The matters that should pay attention to the oil filling

by:HMB     2021-01-29
In general, filling oil is a simple thing, but when filling oil or there are some matters needing attention. 1, it is strictly prohibited to label the different oil mixing, entered the winter, if the device need to change the oil of the label is different, should be within the engine oil after all put net, add new grade engine oil. 2, it is forbidden to mix different brands of engine oil to use different brand of oil will adopt different additive formulation, mixing may produce chemical reaction, reduce oil use performance, influence the normal work of the engine. 3, engine oil, in the old oil change before, should first to start the engine, and the idle running time, the engine oil temperature close to the working temperature, to replace the old oil, that is: the theoretical basis of the corresponding due to heat the oil liquid, can be attached to the body surface impurities for effective cleaning. This way out of the oil will effectively reduce the amount of residual impurities are observed in the engine, reduce engine wear, ensure efficient engine operation. In addition, oil heat emissions more thoroughly, reduce the old oil residue. 4, oil filling don't 'add', in general, the oil to add to a little oil on the practice of the scale, 3 cm) It is good. Too much oil can increase the resistance of the crankshaft. And because the winter comes, have increased oil viscosity at low temperature and large crankshaft rotation resistance will decrease the engine power, caused the machine movement. In addition, heavy add oil can also increase the possibility of oil is up, easy to result in an increase in oil consumption ( Commonly known as the blue smoke) , increase the combustion chamber carbon deposition, also will increase the risk of explosion produces, affect the normal work of the engine, engine caused unnecessary wear and tear. So, be sure to add oil to add to the specified position, namely the oil dipstick scale line the middle and upper little, is enough. In addition, add the oil before also need to clean mouth filling and oil drums, prevent impurities from entering the engine in the body. After filling the oil, we also need to spill the oil is wiped clean, keep the engine in good working conditions. These are all in the daily maintenance of the engine when the need to pay attention to the details of the problem.
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