The matters that should pay attention to bearing when installation

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Need to pay attention to many problems in the installation of the bearing, in order to let you better understand, and everybody know about the below. 1. Must match the thickness of the inner and outer space ring, baffle the parallelism of two temple should not exceed 0. 002mm。 2. Bearings must be selected. Each set of bearing inner ring and outer diameter difference shall be at 0. 002 - 0. Between 003 mm and should keep 0 with shell holes. 004 - 0. 008 mm, and shaft neck to keep zero. 0025 - 0. 005 mm gap. In the actual installation, should with both hands thumb will bearing can just push fit best. 3. Bearing hole and shaft neck of roundness, shell holes on both ends of the coaxial degree, as well as the journal of radial runout should not exceed 0. 003mm。 4. Parts in contact with the bearing ring end face should be painted check, contact area shall not be less than 80%. 5. Must be installed orientation. All the bearing inner ring radial runout of the bottom of the highest point on the shaft neck radial runout, the highest point of the bearing outer ring radial runout in a shell hole should be a straight line.
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