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by:HMB     2021-01-15

about rock digging, you should know about? Linqing excavator parts explain for you!

1。 Linqing excavator attachments think rock excavation solution difference is very big. The best way to get rid of rock in excavation must constantly re-evaluate to changing conditions. However, rock mass excavation construction is a fact of life, must be the competent construction to predict.

2。 Before the start of the project, considering the rock excavation area and related costs. At the design stage, it is necessary to determine the required number of geotechnical information. from a simple test pit to drilling and core drilling, there are more and more choices at the same time also has accumulated more data.

3。 manufacturer to remind you when reach the rock, and then separate rock core sample, the information can be carefully study by construction director and contractors, and is used to help make the project plan. To understand the type and quality of the rock, From the core sampling) And the location of the rock ( From the soil hole) Site planning a real advantage.

4。 However, under normal circumstances, excavator parts can be according to the construction supervisor can gain some information of geotechnical test, did not get the proper use of. Soil and geology in this section to help you understand the terms of geotechnical technical report.

5。 The approximate location of the rock head of knowledge to help construction plan after the rock excavation sequence of steps. For example, if a rock in a large construction project of a corner, then linqing excavator parts that excavation can begin from the other side of the building, with the fastest speed to start the foundation. This simple example shows the usefulness of excavator parts of core drilling ( It shows the type and quality of the rock) 。 If rock can be removed by tearing, then it's a good idea to start foundation work as soon as possible. If very hard rock, however, requires a lot of blasting, the blasting finish before it is careful to keep the foundation work.

6。 Linqing excavator accessories manufacturers to consider each project payment terms. Unclassified excavation, encountered in construction process of all rocks or other unexpected materials ( Not including dangerous goods) No change shall be the responsibility of the contractor, the contract costs. An unclassified mining is more simple, and the geographical conditions of the blame on the contractor.

7。 Classification, on the other hand, the excavation of rock are defined, and for any rock at the agreed unit price in the measurement and payment provided. Excavator bearing this way will the buck to the owner of the rock. Construction supervisor must know whether the excavation is classified or unclassified. If the classification and construction supervision must help establish a clear definition and measurement of rock.

8。 Rock blasting or torn and broken, it depends on the type, quantity and quality of the rock. tear is rock machinery division, it will be a steel insert rock fracture and applying. This force is usually provided by a bulldozer. Include the placement in drilling and blasting detonated explosives. When a small amount of rock blasting or not, excavator accessories hydraulic hammer in excavator are installed on the rock failure.

9。 Shandong excavator parts pointed out that if rock excavation blasting, construction supervision shall ensure that project was conducted by a licensed blaster, and obtained the appropriate licenses. The existing structure and the influence of near work should also be with blasting is discussed.

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