The maintenance of the hydraulic system of the actuators

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Hydraulic oil after the main valve to the various actuators, actuators include movable arm oil cylinder, bucket rod oil cylinder, bucket cylinder, walk the motor and rotary motor. You ever met a cylinder blue or black phenomenon, especially the first half of bucket cylinder. Blue is within the oil seal and hydraulic oil additives are attached to the cylinder rod under high temperature, black is set inside the wear-resisting coating material lead additives are attached to the cylinder rod under high temperature. Walking motors because of its low position and regular contact with mud, wet soil, such as material, easy to rust, so walking motor must pay attention to rust. In the way of walking motor and connecting pipe smearing vaseline or butter can have certain antirust function. Rotary motor gear set to add gear oil for lubrication, during fuel must be added to the middle position of the scale, and too little gear will wear, adding too much will affect heat dissipation. Rotary motor output shaft is the pinion and slewing ring gear mesh, mesh parts need butter lubrication, if butter add too much, the butter will be squeezed and spread, this will lead to rotary motor reducer part of the oil seal was bad, cause the butter into the slewing reducer.
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