The maintenance of the hydraulic cylinder

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Machine during long term storage, in order to prevent the hydraulic cylinder piston rod, rust should be placed on working device, the machine wash and dry after stored in a dry indoor environment. Such as the limited conditions can only be in outdoor storage, should be the machine park in drainage good cement ground. Each part of the deposit before fill up fuel tank, lubrication, replacement of hydraulic oil and engine oil, the hydraulic cylinder piston rod exposed metal surface coated with a thin layer of butter, remove the battery negative terminal blocks, or remove the battery stored separately. According to the lowest environment temperature in cooling water in proper proportions of antifreeze. Start the engine once a month and machine operation, so as to lubricating the moving parts, at the same time to the battery charging, turn on the air conditioning refrigeration 5 - operation 10min。
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