The maintenance of the excavator hydraulic parts

by:HMB     2021-01-26
Actually excavator hydraulic parts maintenance is very important, so what we excavator hydraulic parts of the maintenance work to how to do? Below I will briefly introduce the specific methods for everybody for your reference. First, we need to know is that in general, if we have been using the qualified hydraulic oil, so when the hydraulic oil overheating situation, we will note to check how could it be because of something wrong with the hydraulic oil cooling temperature control system, so we must check the well hydraulic oil radiator. First check the inside is been clogged up with dirt, to cause the loss of the cooling efficiency, then under the situation of must we are going to clean the radiator. Then it's probably excavator hydraulic oil viscosity index is greatly reduced, so the hydraulic oil would be able to afford the environment will also be as narrow temperature range. So we will be in the use of time not to the relevant product manufacturer to relevant data, to prepare, and then more quickly to adjust oil use, but also can make corresponding change of equipment related Settings, such as can set certain limit temperature etc.
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