The maintenance of the excavator chassis parts

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Chassis parts are divided into: roller, sprocket, guide wheel, driving wheel, crawler, commonly known as four-wheel area. Roller, roller, excavator X frame below, generally 20 ton unilateral configuration seven, two of them will be tracked caterpillar track plate, roller was in daily work should try to avoid long soak in the mud, snow, a day after the completion of the work should be unilateral pedrail hold up, propel motor will track sundries such as mud dump, especially in the winter construction must keep dry roller, roller was because the ocean shipping and shaft floating seal between the two, such as the water will be frozen at night, the second day work mobile excavator, seal contact with the ice will be cut in oil, which is why roller oil tend to occur in winter. Roller damage will cause a lot of trouble, such as too many side roller damage, excavators, walk to the walking wandering, etc. Support sprocket: support sprocket on the X stand above the platform position, its role is to keep the linear motion of the caterpillar track, such as supporting sprocket damage can lead to caterpillar caterpillar can't keep straight, is what we call off the chain. Sprocket is one-time injection of lubricating oil, in the event of oil spill can only change new, so cant keep X plane platform of clean at ordinary times, don't let the soil accumulation of too much difficult in supporting wheel rotation ( Like roller, avoid wading) 。 Guide wheel, guide wheel located in front of the plane X it by the guide wheel and frame of internal tension bridle spring in X. In the process of operation and walk to keep the guide wheel in the front, it can avoid the abnormal wear of caterpillar, tighten up spring also can absorb shock from the rutted road ahead to reduce wear and tear. When tight spring assembly is composed of spring and when tight oil cylinder, when tight oil cylinder by injecting grease ( Butter) Can realize to adjust the action of crawler tension bridle degrees, a lot of people don't care about the details, but once it appears problems consequences will be very serious, because its location is relatively low and a relatively static state, long time don't exercise combined with water vapor in the air of the piston rod is easy to rust in the cylinder, regulation failure. When tight oil cylinder needs regular put oil and grease, oil drain - will rise tight oil cylinder grease nipple up to loosen a circle, the butter will be squeezed out through the oil drain port ( Because of its internal pressure particularly big, the operator must stand on the side to prevent the nozzle ejected casualties) , oil - tighten nozzle with a grease gun oil, until the track up tightly to the right position. Driving wheel: driving wheel is located in the rear of the X, driving wheel is by walking, walking, motor slowdown in the institutions, walking gear ring. Walk to the independent pump hydraulic motor can realize the rotation, deceleration, conducted by walking to slow down, again by the walking gear ring is installed on the shell drivers for implementing excavator crawler caterpillar to walk. Must always be in the rear drive wheels side, because it is directly fixed installation in X on the shelf, there is no shock absorption function, if the drive wheels before walking not only to the driven gear ring and caterpillar have abnormal wear and tear, will also cause problems for X aircraft, X early cracking problems may occur. Walking motor protector to protect the motor and its internal space can store some dirt and gravel, it will be harmful to walking motor oil pipeline, the moisture in the soil will corrosion of tubing, joint gravel will be involved in the interference caused by tubing wear leak, so regularly open the guard plate clean the dirt from the inside. Replacing final drive oil should be excavator parked on level ground, final drive to drain mouth and vertical to the ground at the end of the gas tight oil drain screw plug, refueling refueling from above, intermediate observation mouth have oil flow out. Caterpillar: caterpillar is mainly composed of segments and caterpillar track section, segments divided into reinforcing plate, the standard plate and extended board. Reinforcing plate is mainly used in the mine working condition, the standard plate for earthwork, longer plate used in the working condition of wetland. Segments of the most serious wear and tear, and on mine gravel sometimes card when walking in the gaps between the two boards, when transferred to contact with the ground will squeeze the two boards, for segments is prone to bending deformation, walking for a long time also can make crawler plate bolts fixed cracking problems. Caterpillar track section is in contact with the driven gear ring gear ring rotate. Caterpillar spent up tight tight cause caterpillar track section, the gear ring and guide wheel early wear. Increase the degree of measurement is to excavator parked in the flat ground, with long straight rod on tooth or guide wheel and driving chain between the crawler board, measuring the maximum vertical distance between segments to the long pole, generally between 15 to 30 mm; Another way is to set up on one side of the track, measure the segments to the maximum vertical distance between the X, numerical are generally between 320-340 - mm. Can make appropriate adjustments according to the specific conditions, such as in a mine, wetland assignments can be in 20 to 30 mm, 340-380 - mm, sand or snow and ice road surface can be greater than 30380 mm.
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