The maintenance and maintenance of hydraulic system

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Excavator at the end of the assignments and homework just, hydraulic oil temperature is still high, therefore, be especially careful when checking and maintenance of hydraulic system. On the first place the machine on level ground, bucket fell to the ground, and then release the hydraulic line pressure. Then the engine flameout, such as oil temperature drop before maintenance. Even if the oil temperature drop, within the system there was pressure, when the inspection and maintenance of hydraulic circuits, internal pressure for the release of the system, should be ruled out air from the hydraulic oil tank. Periodically check the hydraulic oil level, replace the oil filter, hydraulic oil filling. After the removal of high pressure hose, should check whether 0 type ring or seal damage; Such as damage, should be replaced. More sweat in clean or hydraulic oil filter filter and filter, or remove the hydraulic line, should be ruled out the air in the oil. Accumulator is high pressure nitrogen gas, the use of incorrect is pretty dangerous, must be used strictly in accordance with regulations.
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