The main reason for the excavator turbo air damage analysis

by:HMB     2021-01-25
Excavator turbocharged gas of the main causes of damage analysis & gt;>> Click to buy accessories carter & lt; < <>>> More drivers carter consulting & lt; < < A, lubricating oil or inadequate oil supply lag 1, when the speed of the turbocharger and the engine load increases, the turbocharger oil of lubricating oil must also increase, because of the high shot excavator carter load operation, the turbocharger speed is high, even if only a short few seconds of the turbocharger bearing will also cause bearing damage. 2, when change oil and oil filter, with clean engine oil fill filter in advance, after the change start carter drivers for the first time, should be keep long enough after start of idle running again until after the oil pressure stable acceleration, otherwise the turbocharger bearing can damage due to lack of lubrication during startup. 3, when the excavator work tilted conditions ( Partial load and full load operation) Oil, if the oil level is too low or inhaled air, will cause the oil pressure is reduced, even short time may make the supercharger damage due to lack of lubricating oil. Second, external clutter or sediment into the sediment oil lubrication system 1, contains stolen goods or wear and damage of the turbocharger bearing are more severe than those of the diesel engine bearing damage, because the speed of the turbocharger is far higher than that of diesel engine speed. If the damage happens turbocharger, should find out the causes of oil stolen goods and eliminate, or even change the new supercharger damage happens, develop the diesel engine may be damaged. When mixing dirt particles in the oil is bigger, enough to block the inside of the turbocharger oil duct, the supercharger will damage caused by the lack of lubricating oil. 2, when change oil and oil filter, in the case of conditional can be extracted in the diesel engine oil sample for analysis, this will help to prevent the damage; Should be in accordance with the instruction for use on the replacement time limit stipulated in the replacement of oil filter, must not lengthen. Three, lubricating oil oxidation or metamorphic 1, excavator oil oxidation or deteriorated after will be deposited oil sludge, sludge will affect the performance of the turbocharger and life; 2, when the oil sludge condition serious when also can affect the life of diesel engines. The turbocharger shaft rotation of the games will be the oil to the shell wall, sludge adhesion and deposition on the inner wall of the shell, when excessive sludge sedimentation and affects the oil return of turbine end bearing neck, deposition in the turbine end bearing sludge is due to the high temperature of waste gas from baked hard coking, when coking flake will make the turbine end bearing and shaft neck wear, and the oil seal will happen before the wear oil leakage. 3, if discover the turbocharger turbine side, there is leakage of oil, must check whether supercharger return pipe and diesel ventilation tube obstruction, only after these troubleshooting supercharger can work. 4, oil sludge deposition is caused because of excavator oil oxidation and deterioration, and the root cause of the oil oxidation and deterioration is diesel engine overheat, between the piston and cylinder wall by too much gas, oil blending diesel oil, cooling water into the oil leakage, improper selection and not according to the time limit stipulated by the oil change, etc. Four, external foreign body into the intake and exhaust system of 1, turbocharger turbine and compressor impeller are extremely high speed of rotation, once has the external foreign body into the inlet and exhaust system of diesel engine will be damaged impeller; Small objects, Such as sediment) Make it erodes impeller blade inlet Angle change; Big and hard objects can cause of blade fracture. Soft objects, Such as cotton yarn) Will meet the impeller direction of rotation volume on the blade. 2, if there are external foreign bodies to enter and make the supercharger impeller damage will damage the whole, it must be replaced completely. Usually, compressor impeller damage was due to air filter are embedded in the sheet metal or replace filter inlet duct into the debris, which is caused by a compressor inlet, if not replace filter or does not exclude the inlet pipe of sundry, can continue to damage the new change of the supercharger. 5, 1, generally speaking, the working temperature is too high to cause high working temperature of heat from engine exhaust gas ( Waste gas) , exhaust temperature is too high will directly or indirectly damage the supercharger. Direct damage, namely due to high temperature overheat the supercharger in the middle of the shell, and make the turbine shell materials from corrosion or deformation; Exhaust temperature is too high can cause the turbine shell cracking. Indirect damage, namely when the exhaust temperature is too high, additional heat in waste gas will make the turbocharger rotor assembly, faster and higher than in the design of speed under the conditions of work, if this occurs, the compressor impeller will be due to the high stress load once or repeatedly and cracking, turbine impeller will also be due to the decrease of strength of materials at high temperatures and turbine speed increase and cracking. The possible cause of the exhaust gas temperature are: engine air-fuel ratio is wrong, is there a problem is engine, exhaust gas throttling, exhaust gas oxygen sensor problem, or there is something wrong with the engine of other control system, etc.
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