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The magical effect of mini hydraulic shears with excavators!

The magical effect of mini hydraulic shears with excavators!


A small mini excavator with hydraulic shear can accomplish many tasks that cannot be done by large-scale construction machinery. The main tasks are detailed work, manual work, quiet work and other local precision. In addition, the initial cost of small and mini excavators is low, and demand and sales are increasing year by year. They are widely used in all walks of life, and many small-scale projects can replace a lot of manpower and are used by construction units as the first choice. E.g:

1. Urban renewal

Faced with various types of houses and building structures in urban renewal construction, it is impossible to choose excavation and crushing across the board. It is well known that small and micro excavators are not easy to use breaking hammers for long-term operations. Due to the small tonnage of small and micro excavators, they are larger. The crushing recoil will cause great damage to the excavator itself and affect the service life of the excavator. The emergence of hydraulicshear is a good substitute for and solves such problems. The principle of shearing and demolition without vibration and noise not only has no impact on the excavator and the environment, but also can well control the structure of the house from damage and urban renewal. While retaining more historical and cultural elements.

2. Municipal engineering

In many places, especially in first-tier cities, the government has clear requirements for noise and environmental protection during construction to ensure that it does not affect the daily life of surrounding residents. In many places, the roads are narrow and medium and large equipment cannot enter, while small The application of the micro excavator equipped with hydraulicshear makes it more flexible to deal with complex environments, the construction site is more friendly, and the efficiency is higher and faster.

3. Equipment removal

With the rapid development of plant technology and equipment renewal, some factory production devices need to be scrapped and dismantled due to backward products, especially for the dismantling of chemical devices that are easy to be easy, explosive, and toxic. Manual dismantling is time-consuming, laborious, and expensive. Because of the danger, the dismantling of the breaker hammer takes into account the heat and sparks generated by the metal impact, which can easily cause toxic substances to leak and fire. Therefore, the application of micro hydraulicshear perfectly solves such construction problems. One or more small micro excavators enter the factory area. The inside is directly dismantled on the spot, with high efficiency, good quality, no noise and pollution. Since hydraulicshear have the characteristics of stable positioning and precise cutting, they can sort the target disassembly equipment friendly, which greatly helps the later personnel to sort and recycle different materials and materials.

4. Interior renovation

Renovation is different from demolition. The cutting and demolition of reinforced concrete, the structural safety of external walls and floor slabs, personnel safety, noise and environmental protection construction issues involved in indoor renovation are particularly important. At the same time, it is also necessary to cut and classify the on-site demolition materials for convenience. Later personnel transport and reuse construction waste. When foreign families or factories carry out indoor renovations, they will choose small micro excavators and hydraulicshear for construction to ensure safety and efficiency without affecting or destroying the surrounding environment, because they have the advantages of being small and flexible, allowing access to elevators. For individuals or construction units, this matching choice is simply not too easy to use.

5. Farmland orchard

In the low greenhouse and dense orchard environment, large-scale equipment cannot show their skills, and a lot of tree construction work is still needed in the orchard. Labor costs and safety issues are a headache for many people, and small and micro excavators can be combined with hydraulicshear. The advantages of precise positioning, construction safety and long working hours can replace at least five or six labor costs and work efficiency.

Mini hydraulic shears are also called miniature scrap shears, steel bar shears, steel structure hydraulic shears, etc. As the name suggests, this mini hydraulicshear is suitable for cutting steel bars, scrap iron, concrete, etc. The hydraulicshear equipped with excavators under 8 tons can have a cutting force of up to 100 tons and an opening of up to 53 cm. . Compared with traditional manual cutting and dismantling operations, it is more convenient and efficient to install mini hydraulicshear on the small micro excavator. For working conditions such as indoor demolition and factory transformation, the use of mini hydraulicshear for construction can not only save labor costs, but also ensure construction efficiency and safety. The mini hydraulicshear are small in size, reasonable in structure, flexible and convenient. The advantages of soil and steel structure materials are extremely obvious.

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