The kinds of broken hammer drill rod

by:HMB     2021-01-25
Drill rod is a very important hammer broken parts, mainly through broken hammer, impact drill rod made to objects such as crushing rock drill. Different broken objects, you need to use different drill rod type mainly has three kinds of common drill rod. 1, taper quadrilateral: cone quadrilateral drill rod is one of the most common type on the market, this type of drill rod has a strong penetration, its characteristic is to force concentration in a little bit broken, so I can produce strong crushing force, to discover the surface, even hard work hard objects can also be easily broken, such as high hardness of rock, concrete. 2, sector: it is often said that a 'form of drill rod, the working principle and cone quadrilateral, is will be broken energy gathered in a bit. But because it is the design of the sector, so more wear-resisting, more suitable for processing some hard broken objects. Objects such as high hardness of rock. 3, flat head, flat head shape of drill rod is usually used for the secondary crushing, secondary crushing is to have been broken broken objects or objects for crushing medium hardness. Because it is a flat shape design, there is no strong penetrating power, compared with the first two, more like a blunt. Other end, two kinds of wear occurred in the drill rod and flat shape design of drill wear occurs only on the length, it can also be broken broken brittle, hard objects.
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