The installation of rotation and the excavator bearings

by:HMB     2021-01-12

linqing machinery to rotate and the installation of the excavator bearings:

installation of slewing bearing

1. Job rotation excavator bearing structure of the

2. Four-point contact ball bearing rotating

3. Double row angular contact ball bearing rotating

4. Cross roller bearing

5. Crossed tapered roller bearings

6. Three rows of cylindrical roller bearing

1. Ensure that the model is consistent with the contract.

2。 To ensure that in the course of carriage, the excavator bearings without damage.

3。 Open the packaging in the clean and dry environment.

4。 Scaffolds should have enough flexibility, to avoid the impact of the use of rotary bearing and deformation.

5。 Installation datum and stent surface should be clean, grease, burrs, paint and other foreign body should be erased.

the installation of the excavator bearings

1. Installing plane screws should coincide with the mounting holes on the slewing bearing.

2。 Rotary bearing ball trajectory quenching soft belt.

3。 The slewing bearing installed on the bracket, and check the contact condition between the bearing surface and stents, if the clearance, and mat mat level, in order to avoid deformation after tighten, impact on the performance of the excavator bearings.

4。 In front of the screw, through the gear ring radial runout vertex ( Three green logo gear) After adjusting the gear side clearance, tighten, check the gear side clearance, all the gear ring.

5。 With high strength screw rotary bearing excavator bearing installation, and select the appropriate strength bolt stress conditions, the tight direction in 180 degrees, and check all bolts, make sure that each round has the same pre-tightening force, rather than spring washer hardening installation.

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