The hydraulic system how to work? Maintenance of the master will see!

by:HMB     2021-01-25
One of the drivers 3 big - - - Hydraulic pump ( The working principle of) , maintenance teacher will understand engine, hydraulic pump, distributing valve is people often say that the drivers of 3 big, caterpillar excavator why don't you like a car powered by the engine, gearbox, drive shaft drive the vehicle to go forward, but through the engine driven hydraulic pump rotation, by high pressure hydraulic oil through a hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder hydraulic actuators to drive the vehicle movement? Engine to provide power for hydraulic pump, hydraulic pump, hydraulic oil line, hydraulic motor, hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic transmission, distributing valve of hydraulic control. A, what is a plunger pump, gear pump is what? Hydraulic pump is converts mechanical energy to the liquid pressure can, we usually meet ( Excavators, loaders with) A gear pump and plunger pump. Thing in common: by volume changes to liquid pressure is produced. Distinction: the agency is different, different volume position. Liquid volume between the two gear, gear pump by changing gear rotating liquid volume. And plunger pump volume in each of the plunger cylinder. Large and medium-sized excavators the plunger pump and gear pump are common together, form a hydraulic pump assembly, general main pump for the plunger pump ( The output of the hydraulic oil pressure) Walking to the hydraulic motor, hydraulic rotary motor, hydraulic cylinder oil supply; Pilot pump for gear pump ( The output of the hydraulic oil pressure smaller) For distributing valve oil supply. Main pump assembly gear pump, gear pump is to rely on two meshing gear rotates in the form of closed mobile to work. Gear pump is geared to provide power, quantitative pump, gear pump is much used for low accuracy in voltage control. Its main features are: simple structure, easy fabrication, low cost, low cost, small volume, light weight, good self-priming performance, is not sensitive to oil pollution and reliable work, etc. Its main drawback is that: the flow and pressure pulsation is big, big noise and emissions do not adjust. It is widely used in all kinds of low pressure in the system. Gear pump minimum to the requirement of the oil, the earliest time because of low pressure, so commonly used in the low pressure system ( Pilot pump) , now the gear pump pressure can be done about 25 mpa, commonly used on the mechanical of pressure is not high, but his oil ripple, not variable, good self-priming performance is good. The principle diagram of the gear pump working principle of the external gear pump is loaders and small excavators is commonly used in the hydraulic system of hydraulic pump. There is a same modulus in the pump body, the same number of teeth of gear, gear of the two on the pump cover seal. Pump body, end cover and the volume of each tooth of the gear, seal, the two meshing of gear along the airtight space into oil pressure and oil absorption cavity volume both part, and in the work without feeling each other. As a result of the gear meshing, sealed volume decreases, the tooth groove in the oil to be squeezed, from exhausted from port of discharge. Gear rotating unceasingly, when the gear meshing caused by oil suction and discharge of oil chamber volume size changes, to achieve continuous oil absorption, oil absorption cavity pressure oil cavity pressure oil. With the gear pump (CTP carter loader Double pump: a drive shaft to drive the two driven gear work, there are two two discharge of oil and oil absorption cavity. ) At present domestic loader hydraulic system of hydraulic system for quantitative basically, the so-called quantitative hydraulic system is hydraulic pump displacement is a constant, basically give priority to in order to gear pump; Part of this export models, because foreign demand for the machine noise is higher, the vane pump; Few remaining part of the aircraft configuration variable hydraulic system, basically configuration for the variable piston pump. CTP carter plunger pump, plunger pump is powered by the reciprocating movement of the piston, piston pump is a variable pump, used for high precision pressure control, plunger pump, high pressure of work, the work pressure generally to 20 ~ 40 mpa, up to 1000 mpa; Compact structure; High efficiency and convenient flow control. Plunger pump pressure is high, stable performance, high cost, minimum pulse, can be variable, commonly used in high pressure system and engineering construction machinery. But his worst self-priming performance. The principle diagram of the plunger pump motor drive shaft rotation ( Above the left) , connecting rod drive plunger reciprocating motion in the cylinder body, at the same time, the side of the connecting rod drives the piston rotating together with the cylinder body, oil distribution plate is stationary.
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