The hydraulic oil pollution? Excavator parts manufacturer to the point!

by:HMB     2021-01-19

it is well known that the hydraulic oil contains impurities, the pollution, the parts in the hydraulic system will wear or damage. So how do you ensure that the hydraulic oil and hydraulic system from contamination? small make up remind everybody to pay attention to the following 6 points:

a, excavator parts oil seal aging

oil seal of equipment such as aging, deterioration, causes of chemicals into the hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil dirty, bad. So if oil seal damage, need to change in time.

2, exhaust valve damage

such as hydraulic oil change soon, I found the hydraulic oil dirty, suggest you check if the exhaust valve excavator parts damaged, exhaust valve filter blockage. Such as damage, dust and impurities will be through the exhaust valve into the hydraulic oil tank, hydraulic oil dirty. Suggested that exhaust valve cartridge needs changing once every 1000 hours.

3, regular cleaning tank

in order to guarantee the purity of the hydraulic system, in addition to the regular replacement of oil and filter, still need to regular cleaning of the hydraulic tank. Because the hydraulic oil is a long-term work, excavator parts at the bottom of the tank is easy to have sediment, the sediment with hydraulic oil circulation into the hydraulic system. Suggested each time to replace the hydraulic oil clean up a tank.

4 and replace the improper method

replacement of hydraulic oil, the need to ensure no dust and dirt around tank opening, suggested that when gas with clean funnel auxiliary. Remove the hydraulic excavator attachments and installation to ensure that all parts and the purity of the workbench.

five, the replacement of hydraulic oil on time

such as hydraulic oil does not change in time, after long time use easy metamorphism, oxidized to produce acid, can increase the corrosion of metals, metal rust deposit to the hydraulic oil filter, or the valve core on the distribution, it is easy to excavator accessories hydraulic valve core and filter blockage, affect the performance of the hydraulic system.

6, properly stored hydraulic oil

excavator parts manufacturer to remind you if there are any spare hydraulic oil, attention should be paid to properly stored. Need to ensure the environment in a cool, ventilated, such as barrel oil has not used up, oil drums must be completely sealed preservation, to prevent dust and other impurities to enter.

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