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by:HMB     2021-01-19

we know excavator parts of hydraulic system in addition to the dust, but also to do a good job of waterproof. Due to the complexity of working environment, bad environment full of dust all wrong cause hidden trouble of the hydraulic system, Then there is damp environment could easily lead to water hydraulic system, hydraulic oil failure directly lead to the transmission systems of the whole machine, so this had to cause our value! The cause of the hydraulic oil into the water: 1, drivers work in damp and water for a long time, lead to water a little bit by hydraulic pressure into the hydraulic oil tank. 2, replace the hydraulic oil or cleaning and maintenance of excavator parts not to waterproof measures lead to water in the process of entering the hydraulic system. 3, line seal is lax, cause rainwater seeping into the hydraulic system.

water lead to deteriorate

after such as hydraulic oil mixed with water, the hydraulic oil easily emulsifying metamorphism, emulsion hydraulic oil into the hydraulic system will result in excavator attachments rust. Long-term rust slag flow in hydraulic system, hydraulic pressure will be affected, forearm, scoop action will therefore become weak.

the hydraulic oil lubrication performance degradation exacerbate parts wear, shorten the service life of bearing parts.

eliminate excess water

due to the density of water is greater than the density of oil, so water will settle at the bottom of the tank. If discover the hydraulic oil into the water, it is suggested that in time to stop machine, inside the tank to let stand for 1 hour, after being water precipitation, open the drain valve of excavator parts at the bottom of the tank can be put away the water.

replace hydraulic oil

if found that the hydraulic oil into the water, will put away all the hydraulic oil in the drivers and then replace the hydraulic oil, which is a luxury but also by spectrum method.

how to prevent?

1, the rainy day to prepare waterproof measures, replacing the hydraulic oil to waterproof measures.

2 seals, regularly check the hydraulic system, such as the excavator parts damage should be timely replacement.

3, a drainage every two or three days.

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