The harm of drivers low engine oil pressure failure and the diagnosis

by:HMB     2021-01-29
A low, excavator hydraulic common fault reason 1. Too little engine oil storage, oil free or less oil lubrication system; 2. Oil dirty or viscous oil pump oil can not be effective suction, pump out; 3. Oil dilute or caused by high temperature in the engine oil is thinning, leakage from the engine of the friction pair clearance; 4. Oil tubing joint looseness or oil spill, oil pump damage or wear parts overweight, poor work, will lead to reduce the amount of suction, pump out the oil, or ultimate limit; 5. Main bearing of crankshaft, connecting rod bearing and CAM bearing fit clearance is too large and the leakage; 6. Pressure limiting valve or pressure relief valve spring too soft or hairpin or damage caused by steel ball valve features disappear or weakened; 7. The oil induction plug, pressure gauge or circuit malfunction. 8. Fuel pump diaphragm rupture, fuel leakage into the crankcase oil dilution; 9. Damage of cylinder liner, cooling water leaking into the crankcase, lubricating oil metamorphism, viscosity decreased; 10. The oil induction plug, low oil pressure gauge or circuit failure. Second, low oil pressure hazard: low oil pressure can damage the engine lubrication condition, cause bad lubrication, cooling and cleaning, will cause the parts wear and wear speed stick together, will lead to serious tile burning, such as cylinder big accident. Three, diagnosis and rule out: (1) check the engine oil, the oil viscosity, etc. Make up the oil when the oil amount is insufficient. Viscosity too low or too high, should replenish ourselves in accordance with standard oil. Engine oil such as emulsifying phenomenon or water droplets, machine oil increased, the surface cooling fluid leakage into the oil pan. At this point, we should find out the leakage position and be ruled out. (2) inspection, maintenance, lubrication system main components. Check including oil tubing connector, oil pump, pressure limiting valve, relief valve and other parts is the presence of abnormal; Testing sensor, oil pressure gauge, such as engine oil pressure gauge, sensor, filter all trouble-free, lubrication system each line has no leakage phenomenon, should overhaul oil pump, filter cleaning set. Use for a long time, (3) engine bearings and other parts of serious wear, should be replacement bearing shell again.
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