The gap between excavator parts not adjusted? After seeing this article lets you be suddenly enlightened!

by:HMB     2021-01-15

excavator parts must be kept between reasonable clearance to operate properly, dig the friends in the maintenance, often do not pay attention to this important steps in and out of the question until after the regret! Gap adjustment will result in improper excavator sound, the problem such as oil leakage, and could not start. Today we'll discuss this problem.

excavator parts on the sidelines of common on some key parts, adjust should strictly abide by the requirements specification, and such as the engine of the clearance between the piston and cylinder liner, piston ring fit; Valve clearance, valve stem and valve guide cooperate with clearance, piston and piston clearance, clearance.

it is important to note that each brand of engine has its own technical standards, when making excavator parts clearance adjusting Settings do not generalize. Otherwise there will be more than failure problems.

in the actual repair work, engineering and tide wait for no man, more cars, so in order to seek quick maintenance master, there is still not fitting clearance measurement and blind excavator attachments assembly, and the number and a lot. This will directly lead to the excavator early bearing wear or ablation, the engine burning oil, start difficult or deflagration, broken piston ring, engine sound, such as oil leakage, leakage fault, sometimes due to the improper parts fit clearance, cause the engine mechanical parts damaged in the accident.

an example 1: models for SA6D102E - such as a engine 1 diesel engine overhaul, after commissioning run 30 minutes to stall, then start the machine doesn't work, check the oil, oil and so on are normal, stop placement can be started again after 30 minutes on fire, but running 30 minutes to stall.

later to check the cause of the problem is due to the excavator attachments for fuel pump plunger gap is too small, diesel engine temperature, contradict plunger and delivery valve expansion, cannot normal reciprocating motion oil supply and shut down on its own, after cooling down, between the plunger and delivery valve can have a certain gap and normal oil supply.

for example 2: god steel 350 super 8 exhaust pipe exhaust gas, and oil, spewing oil inside a little diesel oil, engine oil did not increase, go to the site in a valve adjusting screw, before change after adjusting valve clearance, dry half a day came in the site above.

customer to excavator working on their site, after in the engine of the excavator accessories valve adjusting screw, no valve clearance adjustment. When engine working, the valve cannot be opened and closed correctly, diesel and intake ratio error, insufficient combustion. The rest without burning diesel as the pressure in cylinder and oil discharge together, caused the waste pipe oil, diesel exhaust together. After adjusting valve clearance, everything was normal.

any machinery has its reasonable clearance, once again remind bosses adjusting excavator attachments must be particularly careful when clearance! Because of different brand excavators have its own set of technical data. “ Even not only will not solve the problem still could lead to new failure occurs. Keep in mind the gap caused by the fault performance can quickly find the point of failure.

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