The future development of bulldozer accessories

by:HMB     2021-08-02

Future development of bulldozer parts

In recent years, my country’s bulldozer parts companies have implemented the 'going out' strategy and achieved remarkable results in the world. In particular, some key enterprises have achieved gratifying achievements one after another in the process of internationalization when the international situation is fluctuating and the international market is facing severe challenges, which have been well received by foreign users.

I agree with our industry entrepreneurs' strategic move of 'innovation engine, brand engine, information engine, deep drive internationalization'. I also very much agree with the following consensus of industry entrepreneurs: that is, internationalization is not just about selling products from China to overseas, sending people overseas, and building factories overseas, but to integrate into the global industrial ecology and do it. A world-class enterprise supported by different nationalities, different countries, and different humanities and regions. Therefore, when the strategy, management, technology, and culture of Chinese bulldozer parts companies are all based on the global dimension, 'going out' will no longer mean starting from China only-the world is both our destination and our starting place.

With the rise of my country’s great powers and the further deepening of independent peace diplomacy, my country’s cooperation with friendly countries in the world in the field of economic construction will increase, and China’s bulldozer accessories will “go out” 'The opportunities for realizing internationalized services will increase substantially, and it is hoped that relevant companies will seize this historical opportunity. I also hope that China's strong and management-capable bearing companies, suppliers, and agents will go out and jointly expand the international market and realize the global development of OEMs, suppliers and agents. Sign in for more information

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