The fuel system frequently 'strike'? Don't worry! And listen to the excavator small make up to analysis

by:HMB     2021-01-20

excavator in the work, the engine is always can feel oil supply is not smooth, like burning were not fully, this is what leads to failure, excavator attachments below small make up drivers to analysis and deal with the fuel oil system failure.

a common cause of drivers of the fuel system failure occurs:

1, the fuel supply advance Angle is not correct.

2, excavator parts injectors are dirt jam or drops of oil spill.

3, fuel quality does not conform to the requirements or contain water.

4, the installation position of fuel tank is too low.

5, excavator attachments fuel control gear lever stuck, toothed bar in the refueling places.

6, high-pressure tubing internal air.

7 and the air inside the fuel system has not ruled out clean.

8, the lack of fuel or fuel tank valve did not open.

9, excavator parts fuel filter appear jams or spin valve is not opened.

fault elimination method:

1, adding fuel to open the valve.

2, put the excavator attachments under the fuel filter cleaning, open the spin valve.

3, according to the requirements of the fuel tank.

4, eliminate to repair or replace

5, to clean the air in the fuel oil system.

6, leverage timing screw, row of clean air duct.

7, clean or replace injector matching parts.

8, adjust the fuel supply advance Angle.

9, change rules of fuel, exclusion of excavator parts inside the water tank.

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