The four different forms of hydraulic system

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Hydraulic components ( The hydraulic oil cylinder) Gradually achieve the standardization, seriation, specifications, varieties, quality and performance have greatly improved, especially the electronic technology, servo technology, such as new technology and new process, the quality of the hydraulic system has been significantly improved, its in the national economy, and played a major role in military industry. From a different perspective, can put the hydraulic system is divided into four different forms. ( 1) According to the oil circulation way, hydraulic system can be divided into open and closed systems. Open system refers to the hydraulic pump from the fuel tank of oil absorption, oil after all kinds of control valve, drive hydraulic actuators, oil return after reversing valve back into the tank. The system structure is simple, can give play to the role of precipitation tank cooling, impurities, but because of the oil is often exposed to air, the air is easy to penetrate into system, lead to consequences such as instability mechanism motion. Open system large tank, oil pump self-priming performance is good. Closed system, the hydraulic pump inlet pipe directly connected to the components of the return pipe, working liquid in the system of pipeline closed cycle. Its compact structure, less contact with air, the air is not easy to seep into system, so the transmission is steady. Working mechanism of variable speed and the reversing by adjusting the pump or motor variable mechanism to avoid the reversing hydraulic shock produced in the process of the open system and energy loss. But the closed system is a complex open system, because there was no fuel tank, oil cooling and the filter conditions is poorer. For the leakage in the compensation system, usually need to fill a small flow of oil pump and fuel tank. Due to the effect of single pole double oil cylinder size cavity flow range, can reduce power use in the process of work, so general for hydraulic motor actuators in the closed system. ( 2) According to the number of hydraulic pump in the system, can be divided into single pump system, more than double pump system and pump system. ( 3) According to the hydraulic ( The hydraulic oil cylinder) Form of pump can be divided into quantitative pump and variable pump system. The advantage of variable pump is in the range of adjustment, can make full use of the power of engine, its structure and manufacturing process is complex, high cost, can be divided into manual variable, as control variables, servo, pressure compensation, constant pressure variable, hydraulic variables such as a variety of ways. ( 4) According to the components of the different methods of oil supply, can be divided into series system and parallel system. Series system, the oil return of executive components on a feed for the next executive element, each executive components through a pressure will reduce. In a series system, when the main pump to the multi-way valve control of various components of oil supply, as long as the pump outlet pressure enough, can realize the various components of the movement of the composite. But due to the stress is superimposed actuators, so overcome the load capacity will be decreased with increasing the number of actuators. Almost all adopted the hydraulic system of modern engineering machinery ( The hydraulic oil cylinder) And combined with electronic systems, computer control technology, become an important part of modern engineering machinery.
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