The flywheel damage and abrasion reasons inspection and troubleshooting

by:HMB     2021-01-30
Flywheel damage and wear reason check and troubleshooting flywheel in the part of the diesel engine is an indispensable part. Moment of inertia of the flywheel is a large disk, installed on the engine crankshaft back-end flange. Flywheel on the outer pressure have a gear ring, can engage with the gear on the starter motor, at the same time it is behind the clutch of a joint surface. Flywheel is usually engraved with the first cylinder ignition timing marks, so that the calibration ignition time. Multi-cylinder engine flywheel should be into action with the crankshaft balance, otherwise when rotating due to mass unbalance centrifugal force will cause the engine vibration, and accelerate the main bearing wear. To when disassembling does not destroy the balance of their state, between the flywheel and the crankshaft should be strictly relative position, use the positioning pin or asymmetric arrangement of bolt to be guaranteed. Flywheel is common damage ring gear abrasion damage, end surface ablation, flexural deformation and loss of the flywheel screw hole. — — CTP import caterpillar parts' Fault phenomenon Flywheel is a made of cast iron flywheel, crank shaft of the power stroke is part of the energy storage, in order to overcome three auxiliary air intake, compression and exhaust stroke resistance, helps to smooth engine operation, and improve engine short-term overload capacity, easy to start the vehicle, etc. In addition, it is also the clutch components. Automobile engine in use, often due to the damage of the flywheel and wear and tear, failure and affect their normal work, such as: start difficult, clutch skid, power down, etc. — — CTP import caterpillar parts' The cause of the problem' The flywheel common damage and wear parts ( As shown in figure 1 3) And the reasons are as follows: ( 1) Flywheel ring gear wear and tear, the engine starts, the gear on the flywheel ring gear by start motor gear frequently struck the dry friction and slippage, often mixed with dust particles and gear mesh, make gear ring gear wear or crack damage of peeling off. , because of the flywheel is always one-way rotating the gear ring gear wear usually occurs in the direction of rotation and the opposite side. ( 2) Due to wear and tear of the flywheel work: work clutch at the instant of the separation and combination, and the flywheel plane speed difference, resulting in a relative sliding friction, make the flywheel plane produces wear and tear, this is a normal wear and tear. Abnormal wear and tear in the plane of the flywheel is often happened, the reason is due to improper operation, driving or clutch free trip, or insufficient pressure clutch pressure plate, clutch and the flywheel often is in a state of half clutch, adding to the flywheel surface wear. After the clutch friction plate wear and tear to the limit, to reveal the rivet head will scrape the surface groove, serious damage to the flywheel plane. — — CTP import caterpillar parts ( 3) Flywheel plane will also because of the high speed friction generated by high temperature and local burn knot hard, decrease friction combining ability. ( 4) Flywheel bolt hole damage: due to large flywheel on the torque and the torque is accompanied by impact load when the easy deformation of the screw hole damage. 【 The flywheel technology condition survey 】 The flywheel technology condition inspection method is as follows: ( 1) Face round beating quantity check: will dial gauge on the flywheel shell, table touch the top of the head of the flywheel face radius of 150 mm, and keep the crankshaft in eliminating the front and rear axle to the clearance position, in order to avoid mistaken for flywheel runout. Rotary dial 0 on the pointer, turn the handwheel, the reading of the dial gauge is poor, divided by the table contact to flywheel rotating center distance of 2 times, is the face round beating, normally not greater than zero. 15mm。 When exceed the permitted limit, but in the crankshaft flywheel flange plate joint surface, and between the flywheel and shim adjustment, do not allow the machining method to adjust. ( 2) Flywheel radial circular runout inspection: it is to touch the head on the dial indicator on the smooth inner ring and outer ring, rotating dial 0 on the pointer, turn the handwheel, the dial gauge reading difference is the amount of radial runout, generally does not allow greater than zero. 10mm。 Upon examination is indeed pendulum difference is too big, should replace a new one. ( 3) Engine overhaul should be carried out on the flywheel balance performance test: allows the unbalance & ndash; As for 100 g & bull; cm。 — — CTP import caterpillar parts' Troubleshooting. Flywheel on the cylindrical pressure equipment have start the ring gear, in use, sometimes encounter start bad or start machine idle phenomenon. Such as fly tooth ring slip, or because local broken teeth, can take the following measures: ( 1) Tooth ring can slip on the tooth ring and the flywheel with the circumference of the third section, set three M6 screw, partial nephrectomy, higher with the spear with holes, loose in case; Ring is broken tooth can welding repair or remove the flanging use after heating, hot pressing with can.
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