The five reasons of oil into the water

by:HMB     2021-01-31
Drivers oil fill light person can lead to the engine crankshaft, connecting rod, and other important parts deformation, cause the engine jitter, the person that weigh can lead to break cause engine scrap parts. So what will cause the engine intake? 1, engine water plugging water due to the corrosion of the scale of water plugging rust, cooling water will enter oil from waterways, until the oil sump. The reason is very common, so always check the water plugging. 2 damaged, oil radiator radiator pipe damage, external radiator water will permeate oil radiator inside, leading to the oil into the water. 3, cylinder liner crack when the cooling water in contact with the work of the cylinder liner, is prone to crack, crack, in the event of cooling water will directly into the cylinder, and through the cylinder wall into the oil pan, this will make the oil to bleach, and the oil to bleach will lead to engine combustion, causing problems such as white smoke. Under normal circumstances, the cylinder liner is not easy to crack, but in some cases, such as cooling water not filling fangdongye lead to freeze in winter, this situation is likely to make the cylinder liner crack. 4, cylinder sealing ring damaged cylinder seal damage is a common cause of engine oil into the water, so when trying to identify the cause of the problem, must remember to check the cylinder seals are in good condition. 5, cylinder pad damage if the cylinder gasket is damaged, the speed of water cycle and fast, within the channel of water will flow into the oil oil, engine oil into the water. Cylinder pad damage and a common one of the reasons why the oil into the water, every time after disassemble the machine, try to use the new gasket, lest cause the oil cylinder pad water leakage resulting in engine damage. Oil fill four judgment method 1, observe the appearance of the drivers of the oil state, can be color easily determine whether in oil contains water. Water-free oil is oil light, translucent and oil containing water can appear opaque brown or yellow. 2, test drivers coolant in the oil. If certain parts of the engine is damaged, the engine cooling fluid will enter the lubricating system and oil with together, will find in the radiator coolant into the oil, can easily recognize it. 3, if the engine oil, the water may be under the environment of high temperature and coolant can produce chemical reaction, forming emulsion. Check the oil feet will find that the white color, accompanied by a bubble. 4, when the drivers of the oil contains a large number of moisture, oil oil level will rise. At this point, we can simply by oil liquid level height to determine. Conclusion: drivers oil fault we can use the water color of the exterior of the oil, the oil of the oil level height, observation of the oil cooling fluid from several aspects such as to determine whether the oil into the water. When the engine intake, don't start the engine, need a professional mechanic of engine internal water to clean, then from the oil radiator, water block, cylinder seals, cylinder liner, cylinder pad several aspects, such as inspection, determine the cause of the oil into the water.
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