The engine throttle is not normal? This a few excavator parts must check!

by:HMB     2021-01-13

the accelerator is not normal, high and low, seriously affect the normal operation, this leads to some friends and dig. Here small make up remind you this a few excavator attachments must check!

a unstable, throttle:

drivers unstable idle speed is generally mixture too thick or too thin, ignition incomplete or excavator parts of sensor signals caused by incorrect.

1, check whether vacuum pipeline leak.

2, check each cylinder pressure, if uneven cylinder pressure will lead to unstable idle speed.

3, check whether the fuel pressure is stable, excavator parts injector fuel injection quantity are consistent, as well as the damage of the fuel injector ( If any blockage or leakage, etc. ) 。

4, check the EGR valve. If an EGR valve closed lax, waste gas, would be the cylinder when idle, idle speed is too low and unstable.

5, check excavator parts supercharging pressure device. If the boost pressure sensor failure, there will be no feedback to the engine ECU normal signal, no correction of fuel injection quantity. Supply engine at idle speed mixture too thick or too thin, cause unstable idle speed.

2, throttle response:

1, the first manual refueling door, such as manual oil pump can be accelerated, to exclude the hand pump problem.

2, check whether there is any jam on oil, diesel filter blockage or dirty, such as the above all without exception to consider whether the high pressure common rail failure.

3, 6 cars and SK75 8 can check excavator accessories throttle motor circuit fault while the iron is hot or motor itself.

three, throttle failure failure code:

common alarm: P2127, H013

P2127: engine throttle cannot rise

H013 alarm, floor: not confirm whether normal reimbursement, such as regular payments have not been lock machine.

1, first check the throttle switch plug and GPS related plug is well connected; The throttle knob normal resistance value.

2, check whether the GPS failure. Such as throttle switch plug, unplug GPS directly connected to the excavator parts of throttle switch plug, the machine fault elimination, GPS failure. Because the GPS signal is passed to the first computer electronic throttle plate, then passed to the CPU, so not on GPS failure can lead to a floor. At this point to replace the GPS computer board can be solved.

four, has been in the gas state:

common alarm: P2123, P2128

1, when encountering alarm, need to check the gas sensor line whether there is a problem, or the sensor itself is bad.

2, check whether the throttle potentiometer input voltage is in the normal range 0. Below 1 v.

3, check excavator parts are the resistance between the throttle potentiometer terminal in 1. 6 - 2. 4 kΩ 。

4, check the throttle potentiometer & ndash; — Computer panel wiring CN - 136 f, CN - 106F。

drivers a big start for the throttle, when the throttle down, engine speed is not reduced, a possible reason is that a excavator parts work abnormal low pressure sensor, a program error judgment machine is in working status, so there will be a start is high throttle phenomenon. In addition, if the throttle down, speed without any change, could be rotating speed sensor is abnormal.

5, engine throttle is not normal:

the engine throttle abnormalities is important for drivers operation, such as the abnormal gas will not only affect the work efficiency, serious can lead to flame-out phenomenon. In general excavator parts gas anomalies mainly have three kinds of circumstances, has been high on the accelerator, not the gas, the gas and the big and small.

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