The engine cooling system and the fan form of work

by:HMB     2021-01-28
Engine cooling is vital for engineering machinery, it make modest cooling of the engine, and maintain the works in the most suitable temperature range. A cooling system work is bad engine failure, when cooling, heat lost too much, increase fuel consumption, fuel flow to the crankcase of condensation in the cylinder wall in dilute lubricating oil, wear and tear. When cooling is insufficient, can make the engine overheating, your reduce abnormal combustion, launch a power decrease bad lubrication, wear. Engine cooling system with air cooling and liquid cooling two forms, engineering machinery engine cooling is used currently are liquid cooling technology, which is used for cooling of the liquid circulation system, and then through the radiator cooling to make engine cooling, cooling fan is used to the radiator by winds forced to fill the wind, to meet the needs of the moderate engine cooling. Engineering machinery engine cooling system mainly include water pump, radiator, fan, water jacket, thermostat, shutters, water pipes and water thermometer, etc. From cooling fan work form, cooling fan control mode has three: one is the common mechanical drive in engineering machinery control mode; 2 it is has nothing to do with the engine ECU, environmental parameters monitoring alone automatic electric control mode; Three is integrated engine, air conditioners, compressors, speed and other parameters of the model of integrated intelligent control information. The former mainly using the mechanical transmission principle, or directly with the engine crankshaft, or belt driven by the engine cooling fan. Various type of fan control, control techniques have their own characteristics. According to the different situation to get the various manufacturers, so the various types of control technology, mechanical drive is the mainstream, automatic electric control and intelligent control is the trend. But irrespective of the control mode, the engine radiator design are suction type, its design principle from white Ye Chuang breathe in a cooling water tank, and then cooling the engine, but there is no too big relations and engine. The purpose is to heat dissipation, Heat dissipation is to lower the temperature) Of course is the heat source, the neighboring pumped air. This and people blew fan is different, the concept of people blew fan is taken away the sweat evaporation heat. All no water cooling is convulsions. Air compressor, for example, computer power supply fan fan, air-conditioning fan. Stand in front of the air conditioning is clearly feel the fan blowing out of the wind, there is nothing blocking, shows that the wind, not to the radiator but smoke. Thermal equilibrium problem is always the key of diesel engine system, correct understanding of antifreeze cooling system in the system, to avoid errors in the mechanical modification and maintenance operation, to avoid the engine too 'hot' or 'cold', will be the economy, power performance, working reliability of the engine has a profound effect.
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