The engine burning oil again? Bucket shaft manufacturer new recruit to you look!

by:HMB     2021-01-17

a pipe shaft manufacturer found generally the status of the diesel engine has more oil cost, in a certain period of time is not the same as in the use of engine oil is also different, but if you don't exceed the specified value belong to normal condition.

in plain English & other; Burn & throughout; Oil is refers to the oil into diesel engine combustion chamber, lit with mixture, oil may cause a cost too. The diesel engine can burn the oil? Where in the world out of the oil usage because of the high? Dou shaft manufacturer with everyone together to discuss.

a: crankshaft rolling bearing excavator attachments damaged or damaged

the crankshaft rolling bearing gap close to the main rolling bearing to the harm of the oil. Bucket shaft manufacturers think that in addition to this, the oil is more immediately to jilt to the inner wall of the cylinder. Damage or damage of crankshaft rolling bearing to the inner wall of the cylinder of engine oil too much, unnecessary oil will be burned into the combustion chamber. Note: rolling bearing gap damaged itself is not enough, not only, also causes the damage of the piston rod, piston ring and cylinder wall.

2: main rolling bearing damage or common faults

excavator attachments damage will be common faults of the rolling bearing can wiggle too much oil, and be left to the cylinder wall. Accompanied by a rolling bearing damage has increased, thrown up a lot of oil. For example, if the rolling bearing design gap is 0. 4 mm can show all normal RunHua and water cooling effect, can be maintained, if the rolling bearing gap is left out of remaining oil is all normal. When the gap expanded to 0. 8 mm, shrugged off the remaining oil will be all five times the normal amount. Dou shaft manufacturer assumes that the gap to 0. 16 mm, shrugged off the remaining oil will be all 25 times the normal amount. If the main rolling bearing left out too much oil, will be spilled on a large number of cylinder, the piston rod and the piston ring can't accuse oil filling water reasonably.

3: skeleton seal around common faults

around before and after the main rolling bearing skeleton oil seal damage will undoubtedly cause water seepage. This sort of thing can only diesel engine load operation can be found. Bucket shaft manufacturer recommended the main rolling bearing skeleton seal damage after be moved around, because like oil outside ooze water, can cause high ShenShuiLiang.

4: the oil leakage of the outside world

oil seepage because there are a lot of, include: excavator oil pipeline accessories, adding oil and oil pan gasket, cylinder chamber cover gaskets, high pressure oil pump gaskets, fuel pump gasket, camshaft timing chain cover sealing and sealing. Dou think about shaft manufacturer will ooze water elements are to be reckoned with, because even small ooze water will cause a lot of turbine oil. Leak detection method is put in the bottom of the diesel engine block light grey cloth, query after starting diesel engines.

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