The development trend of excavator bearings

by:HMB     2021-01-22

machinery manufacturing co. , LTD. About the development trend of excavator bearings for you.

after the founding of our country bearing manufacturing processing technology rapid development, the technical indicators have been improved, but compared with foreign manufacturers of our technology gap is obvious. Such as domestic excavator bearings, mechanical precision bearing special bearings as well as some special equipment, etc. Products of high value, high technology property rights premium is low, the use of the product stability in urgent need of ascension, and so on. Thanks to the support of national policy, the development of high precision bearings for a second in the spring, this is the cause of China's bearing development laid a solid foundation.

the current domestic heavy industry's active to promote the development of high-precision excavator bearings and hot industry must be based on excellent products, more and more enterprises pay more attention to the excavator bearings, high skills, high precision machinery in the precision bearing all the more urgent demand, at the same time it also give us enterprises put forward higher standards and requirements. How to complete their own transformation, accelerate the transformation of China's bearing cause, catch up with foreign precision bearing level, is one of the current Chinese enterprises face need to solve the problem.

the future of domestic excavator bearing must be breakthrough products the use of materials and assembly process lead to stability problems. This phenomenon is a common face the difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises. So some have more strength in following advanced enterprises should strengthen cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results, with advantages to make up for each other's disadvantage, leading the industry standard, for some small and medium-sized enterprise sets up the pole, it is particularly important to the development of domestic excavator bearings.

domestic excavator bearings in some aspects compared with imported excavator bearings still has its own unique advantages, domestic machine tool processing technology mature and make products with higher stability, and low prices is another big advantage, with the similar imported goods that improving the overall competitiveness. This would mean that some long-term occupation of China precision excavator bearing foreign enterprise will be gradually replaced. Believe that relying on the support of national policy, the competitiveness of the domestic excavator bearings will be more and more strong, more and more Chinese manufacturing in global brand.

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