The development of Chinese manufacturing growth or will continue to pull the Japanese machine tool order

by:HMB     2021-01-22

the development of Chinese manufacturing industry to drive the Japanese machine tool demand growth last year actually have a clue. Excavator accessories manufacturers according to data released by the Japanese machine tool industry association, in 2017, Japan's full-year 2017 machine orders rose 31. 6%, a record high, & other; The Chinese market recovery & throughout; The main reason is higher orders.

Japan is one of the major countries of China machine tool import cooperation, especially the development of Chinese manufacturing industry, the demand growth for machine tools, good quality, advanced technology of Japanese machine tool is a good choice. Japan is also very bullish on the Chinese market, China machine tool orders in 2018 is expected to reach 1. 7 trillion, up 3% from last year, as Japan's important machine tool exporter.

China machine tool has been developing rapidly in recent years, the key technical breakthroughs in succession, already have a certain technical advantages. And machine tool industry in China is to the regional development, such as chongqing yongchuan, Beijing and other regions in actively create high-end machine tool industry base. Machine tool enterprises in China is still the most powerful support, made in China and imports increased, can only explain the machine tool development speed can not completely meet the rapid development and growing demand for manufacturing. At present, our country has considerable strength in medium and low-end machine tool production, how to improve technology, toward the high end, is the next problem to be solved in all machine tool enterprises.

in 2018, China's machine tool market potential. China has been one of the world's biggest consumers of machine tool. In nowadays foreign companies pouring into at the same time, our country machine tool import quantity is still rising, besides that manufacturing industry is rapidly developing in our country, also reflects the domestic machine tool market demand is big. It is understood that in yongchuan, Germany mark machine tool sales in 2017 near 300 million yuan. At the current development, the next few years China's machine tool market will continue to rise.

the development of Chinese machine tool industry has a long way, imports is a means rather than the result. How to make the Chinese market recognition machine tools in China, how to form their own brand and technological advantages, and enterprises to solve these problems.

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