The design and structure of excavator thrust bearing

by:HMB     2021-01-22

1。 Excavator thrust bearing design and structure of the

is a kind of rotary bearing, thrust bearing in the harsh environment with high bearing capacity. This kind of bearing with high axial load capacity, but different bearing thrust excavator design different levels and dimensions to provide different performance, bearing capacity, and precision.

2。 The application of thrust bearing

the different types of excavators thrust bearing with different performance, accuracy and carrying capacity, they have different applications. Thrust ball bearing is usually used in industries such as aerospace, chemical, utility and roller thrust bearing is suitable for agriculture and other industries.

3。 Excavator for thrust bearing materials

thrust bearing some of the most commonly used material is stainless steel and ceramic. Usually cage is made of brass, nylon or steel according to the applications and requirements. In order to improve the overall performance of equipment, special coatings, especially for lubrication and seal and shield to protect it from dust and moisture.

4。 Excavator thrust bearing type

thrust bearing is the two main types of roller bearing, thrust ball bearing and thrust in different applications and devices because of its different performance, durability, precision and carrying capacity. Thrust ball bearing excavator is used to provide high performance, but they tend to put the smaller axial load ratio.

5。 Ball thrust bearing

excavator in this particular type of thrust bearing, ball is used to separate two ring, a raceway for ball bearings. This type of bearings can be operated at a higher speed. Due to the limitations of design and thrust ball bearing installation must be used in pairs to avoid dislocation. According to the requirements of the specific application, a gasket can be slightly smaller than the other. In the design of the thrust ball bearing usually have two changes.

6。 Excavator thrust roller bearing

this type of bearing in the external design is thrust ball bearings are very similar, but has its internal structure and the application and performance difference is remarkable. Thrust roller bearings often has the very high bearing capacity, while it is possible the performance of excavator of roller thrust bearing can be improved through the use of special lubrication. Like roller thrust bearing has two gaskets, roller and a cage, hold the roller. Such as thrust ball bearings, thrust roller bearings must also use matches.

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