The design and application of roller bearing

by:HMB     2021-01-22

ball bearings, roller bearings, as the name implies, this type of bearing roller instead of ball bearing inner ring and outer ring. And the design of the ball bearing and roller bearing structure is very similar, even though their applications and separation performance of the method has a certain difference. The main purpose of this type of bearings is by reducing the rotating friction and carry high axial and radial load with high performance.

a. The structure of the rolling bearing

as mentioned above, similar to the ball bearing and roller bearing structure design of bearing type with two ring; The inner ring and outer ring. However, the ball bearing separation medium used for outer ring inner ring, ball and roller bearings cylindrical roller used to separate the two rings. Similarly, many different types of ball bearing roller bearings can also be used.

2. The application of the rolling bearing

different type of roller bearing with different performance, such as performance, speed, reliability, load capacity, the combination of durability and precision, they are used in a wide range of devices and in different industries. Some roller bearings widely used air freight system, engine, the agricultural industry, heavy equipment and machinery, solar panels, medical equipment, automotive industry, power plants, etc.

3. Rolling bearing type

due to the different type, type the number of many, some major part of the roller bearing classification based on the basic structure and design. Here are some of the most popular and widely used type of ball bearing.

1。 Cylindrical roller bearings

as the name implies, cylindrical roller bearing is a special type of roller bearings, cylindrical as rolling element and separation medium. Due to the inner surface flat, this type of bearing provides a surface contact between the inner and outer circle. Cylindrical roller bearing is suitable for application in high performance and high load capacity is necessary.

2。 Taper roller bearings

tapered roller bearings have different size and structure; Unlike most other types of bearings, tapered roller bearing outer ring and inner ring called a cone. This type of bearing is generally made up of four basic elements is a cup, cone, cone roller and cage.

3。 Spherical roller bearings

spherical roller bearing is made up of two rather than an outer ring, because the two sets of roller used for structure. This type of bearings in the application of dislocation may be because of a number of different reasons, including heavy vibration and radial or axial load.

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